๐ŸŒธ Sunday Dinner 19-03-23 ๐ŸŒผ

No really hungry but forcing myself to have tea

Overcooked potato and jackfruit curry
Supermarket samosas
And chappatis


Buttered apples and ice cream (no pic)

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This a thing? Does it work?

Ended up finishing off Mrs Fโ€™s dinner; half a garlic naan, bit of lamb passanda, half a portion of chips and 2 bhajis. Perfect post-roast snack.


Jealous of your appetite :laughing:


The toilet roll and Gaviscon bill is through the roof tbf

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Thought Iโ€™d try it out as an experiment. Was quite nice though I think it could be improved - the Guinness flavour didnโ€™t come through that strongly. Need to try again and adjust the amounts

Late arrival no pics.

Two portions of fries. One portion of pb on toast. Eight mozzarella fries and now a reduced bacon and Brie sarnie.

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