Sunday Dinner 20-10-2019 🍽️

Good tidings to you, dear friends!
What’s everyone eating today?

We’re having lunch with my family in Southampton. Avery cooked a ham we had in the freezer since last Christmas so we’re taking that along but I don’t know what other people are bringing apart from my cousins wife is doing some kind of potato dish with beetroot :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m not a big beetroot fan…
Will report back when I have more information.

I was planning to make pumpkin blondies as a little surprise treat for my step-dad but couldn’t find any pumpkin puree on Friday and had no time yesterday to look again. Anyone know where I can get tinned pumpkin? I’d like to make them next time I visit instead.

Hope you all have a delicious day!



Some leftover crisps my friend brought over :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Bulgogi beef

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Not the fog.

Suggestions welcomed.oh wait what am I talk g about I’m having bruschetta

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It’s going to be a veggie roast. Got some cauliflower cheese, celeriac, potatoes, mini carrots, kale, and Linda Mac sausages. Also, stuffing! Boomshakalaka, and any overs can be lunched for the next couple of days.

Also making a lemon drizzle cake starting roughly… Now!


roast potatoes and veg with some homemade veggie “sausage” rolls (not Scout’s recipe but one the TV makes which is ansum). Might have a beer on the side and all.

Got some carrots, cauli, broccoli and potatoes so that
Possibly also some beans


This just in, the beetroot in the potato gratin thing didn’t ruin it.


Really want a roast.

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First roast of the season today!

Mom and dad came round and I did a roast beef with roasties (cooked in the beef dripping, natch), roast carrots and onions, sprouts and greens and Yorkshires.

Apple pie and cream for pudding.

The beef was a ‘salmon joint’ which I’ve never heard of, but is apparently a thing at least within the world of Morrisons. Was a nice bit of meat though tbf.

Everyone band together and make me a roast.

I am roasting a chicken - leek & lemon style - and some potatoes right now

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This just in. Yes it did.
Would’ve been much nicer without it.

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Can you have your roast a bit later than planned?

I didn’t ruin it, it just made it less enjoyable.

you’re eating dinner at 2am

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Gonna have stuffing-crusted pork steaks, garlic butter roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and some kind of vegetables.

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Update - cake is nearly done baking, veg is prepped, getting rheady to rhumble over here (probably won’t eat until about 7 or so)

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Just seems crazy to me to cook a potato for 10 hours.

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Yep, ruined it.
I wouldn’t have minded so much it it hadn’t looked so good and been made from delicious potatoes. If it was beetroot layered with something else rubbish I’d have been happier tbh (and wouldn’t have had any)

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