🍌 Sunday Dinner 21-08-22 🍌

Good day!

Leftover pizza for breakfast for me :sunglasses:

What’s going in your tummy today?


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Had a lot today:

Half a plain croissant
Quarter of two different Danish
Quarter of a chocolate croissant
Half a puff pastry lentil and halloumi pasty
An Earl Grey and lemon croissant
A cheese and salad sandwhich

Oh and two flat whites and a cup of tea.

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Is it December already, Gnome? :blush:

Gonna make a cooked breakfast in a bit x


Potato cakes + bacon + poachies for brekkos

Kinda like eggs benedict but not.

The rest of today is tbc but quite fancy baguette and etc for tea.


Holiday breakfast :yum:

Cooked with assistance from the cheeksters, who were actually pretty helpful this time :slight_smile:


Just gonna have a bowl of weetos


2 days to my birthday :partying_face:


So apparently I can change other people’s thread titles? Haven’t eaten anything yet, will let you know.

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Going to make a fucking lasagna

  • Fake mince
  • Lentils etc
  • Ottolenghi mushroom job

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Have changed my profile picture to the muesli I’m currently eating for breakfast, the egg was too smug.

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Whats the ottolenghi just dice up a load mushrooms?

It’s real good but a real faff

Not had anything so far and i sure could go a big fry up or something right now. Nearly nothing in the house though. Can someone bring me the ingredients and possibly also cook me a very large scottish breakfast?

Sending out the scottish dissers batsignal.


Are there any Ottolenghi recipes that aren’t a faff? Every time one of his dishes mentions quick it’s at least a 2 day job.

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Now :coffee: and some brownie crust

I have wandered up and down South Bridge St trying to decide what I wanted for breakfast and eventually gave up.

I feel like I’ve let everyone down but at least I have food in my body.


Was this the original portion or the leftover?

Ryan Gosling Clap GIF

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OG but I only managed 2 small slices yesterday (plus half a garlic bread and 3 chicken kickers)

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