🥯 Sunday Dinner 23-08-2020 🥯

Good day to you, friends

What’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and tea?

We have a massive bagel. Probably gonna order takeaway when we get back home.

Wishing you all a scrumptious Sunday :blush:


  • When staying over at friends houses, I make sure I have some emergency food in case I wake up before them and am hungry / hungover and NEED to eat asap
  • I don’t do this, I just lie in bed with a growling tummy and a growing resentment towards my still sleeping pals

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What sort of takeaway you thinking, @Gnometorious?

??? for breakfast (still in bed).
Bread, cheese, ham, salad and pickles for lunch.
Five-bean* chilli for dinner.

*Normally just four beans (a combination of Red Kidney, Borlotti, Cannelini, and Kala Chana; other types of bean have been featured) and a tin of sweetcorn, which are neither bean nor bean adjacent but here we are.

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Breakfast: cornflakes
Lunch: mozzarella, sundried tomatoes and basil sandwich (freshly baked bread ofc)
Tea: baingan bharta and chapatis, plus okra if there’s any in the supermarket


Rice or wraps?
What garnishes? Sour cream? Cheese? Guacamole?

Rice! Today we are garnish-starved due to time and energy constraints but normally we’d have sour cream and home-made guac to go with. That said we’ve had awful luck with avocados lately, like the last six we bought all went rotten in a couple of days. Might grate some cheese if Miss Y will allow it after a cheesey lunch

Everyone’s banging on about shakshuka so much that I think I’m gonna have turkish eggs.

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You’ve got to have cheese!

We’ve been having really bad luck with peaches and nectarines, they go from unripe to mouldy straight away :frowning: maybe it’s the weather…



I’m thinking :pizza: or :fish: n :fries:
But I’m also thinking :curry::dumpling:

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Me mam has got cheese and meats. Gonna pick up some bread

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Would get up and make myself some toast.

Breakfast: Blackcurrant porridge
Lunch: Seitan with roast sweet potato leek and carrot
Tea: Leftover Mung bean and potato curry.

Probably won’t be as a good as yesterdays seitan and mushroom katsu

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Might try to sneak an apple strudel and custard in.

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I love strudel


Lunch: ham & cheese sandwich, leftover lemon chicken, Dairy Milk, Levi Roots Caribbean Crush (500ml)

Dinner: Not sure, see what arrives in the Sainos delivery. Pizza maybe.

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What’s your favourite chocolate bar, Funky?

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Breakfast - omelette (cheese) and toast (sourdough, marmite)

Lunch - leftover vegie lasagne, salad, pitta bread, apple

Dinner - 🤷 maybe more pasta

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