🥦 Sunday Dinner 24-01-2021 🍆

Good morning, my sweet potatoes!

I am lying in bed thinking about food.

What will you be eating today?



I’ve got leftover dosa and mystery soup for lunch which I’m looking forward to.


Gonna make a cheaty chicken pieeeeeeeee


Leftover bourguignon for lunch.

I intend to do some kind herby fish with a potato and fennel rosti for tea but whether I can be cba with all the grating remains to be seen.

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Breakfast commences

Got a fantastic looking bit of pork loin from the butchers yesterday so will be roasting that for dinner.


Going to make noodles inspired by sichuan dan dan noodles but using courgettes, quite excited for it


Did a mixed root veg rosti a few years ago. Grating parsnip was a ludicrous amount of work and very much not worth it.

Ours will be fennel and potato which is definitely easier.

Breakfast: Frittata

Lunch: Samosa

Dinner: Pork belly with roasted veg


My first ever vegan Bolognese (with non vegan Parmesan tho sorry)


What are you using for the ‘mince’ part?

Why it’s a roast of course

(If either of us go to a shop, otherwise it’s toast… actually we don’t have any bread so yeah)

Brek: toast, eggs, mushrooms, sriracha

Lunch: dunno

Dinner: dunno

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Got mostly roast for lunch but with some vegan kiev things.

Followed by cake which is courgette, cinnamon and pecan.

Maybe cheese on toast for tea.

Then more cake later.

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Roast chicken for dinner today with swede, which is one of my absolute favourite vegetables. I am very excited.

I am also making this (or attempting to…watch this space for my entry to cakewrecks.com)

I’m a big fan of swede but I only ever eat it one way, mashed with carrots (plus s+p and butter ofc) how do you cook yours?
Ever roasted it? :thinking:

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I only ever really eat is mashed with lots of butter and a tonne of pepper :yum:
I don’t think I have ever roasted it because I always think I’ll prefer it mashed!

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Oh my gosh that cake looks incredible! Can we make one together when I come to visit? :blush:

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YES! We can make loads of fancy patisserie treats :smiley:

I’m going to try mirror glazing this cake (which I’ve never done before) because I don’t have the spray gun thing needed for the effect in the photo. :grimacing:

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