🥦 Sunday Dinner 26-01-2020 🥦

Hi friends!
It’s early but I’m hungry and I’m hoping for a lot of action in this thread today.
This is where all my favourite (and, coincidentally, the most charming and attractive) DiSers tell me about their Sunday brunch/Lunch/Dinners.

What’s on the table?

Today’s thread is sponsored by bread.

Pondering lasagne…

I still need to do the food shop. But I have a craving for toad in the hole.


Look at this Greggs pastry you could be eating, were you not in bed.


TITH is my little sisters favourite so @avery’s perfected it over the years of making it for her :blush:

Harissa ‘meatballs’ and rice



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Gonna do a BFS in a bit, so a Sunday Dinner will eventuate from that. I for one am excited at the endless possibilities.


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L.macs and loads of left over veg. Will photo.


You better!

My mum cooked a roast yesterday and saved one for me :relaxed:

Leg of chicken, roast taters, parsnips, Yorkshire puds, and veg but who cares about them tbh

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When I say Will photo,
You say you better (you better, you better, you better)

Sounds scrumptious!
Please don’t drop the ball with the photos like last weekend.

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Already had LLI. Parents for dinner which I believe is going to be roast dinner (chicken).

I treated myself to a waffle and coffee from my local Greek run waffle cafe. Love this place.



Think it’ll be chilli con carne. Had rolls and sausages earlier. Also a double decker.

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That looks incredible :heart_eyes:

You and your mung beans!