☀️🥬Sunday Dinner 26-04-2020🥬☀️

Hello friends,

What’s cooking in your kitchen today?
Had something scrumptious for brunch?
Got plans for a feast at dinnertime?

I think I’m going to be making a potato and tomato gratin but not sure what to serve with it.

Have a delicious day :blush:


@avery made us incredibly yummy banana and oat pancakes for breakfast again :pancakes::yum::pancakes:


I had exactly the same thing for breakfast today as I had last Sunday and it was fucking tasty


Standard breakfast - dunno
Leftover chilli for lunch prob

DiS classic, chilli tofu for dinner
Leftover apple and blackberry crumble

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Hmm probably toast

Apparently I proudly drunkenly announced last night that today I was going to make us all Sloppy Joe Bake.

This morning I’ve been Googling what “Sloppy Joe Bake” is.


Bolognese / ragu pasta bake!
Yum :yum:


Just a lasagne without the pasta?

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I want something delicious but bf won’t let me go to the supermarket cause we have “stuff in”

I have no idea what to make with the “stuff in” though!

What stuff do you have in?

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Why would you do that?
Definitely include pasta @anon67149139! But you could use penne/conchiglie/giant conchiglie/rigatoni instead of lasagne sheets, depending on what you have available.

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The description of a sloppy Joe bake implied no pasta to me - a sloppy Joe is a loose meat (and tomato sauce?) sandwich so a baked version would probably/ literally be a baked ragu.

Maybe serve with chunks of garlic bread?

Aubergines mostly but curry is out as we had that yesterday

I’m trying to convince him to make jack monroes aubergine balls but no olives or herbs!

I think we might just do a lemon salmon spaghetti


I’m planning to do the miso aubergines from GRT this week at some point.

I like roasting chunks of aubergine as a side for other things.

Also: griddle really thin seasoned slices and serves in pitta with salad.

Scrambled smoky duck eggs on sourdough for brunch.

Maybe cabbage thoran, paneer curry and paratha for dinner.

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It’s bolognese in a bun so if I was making it into a bake I’d use pasta as a replacement for the bun… and serve garlic bread on the side too :partying_face:

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Hmmm. With butter? Beans? Cheese? Jam?

Just banged some bacon and garlic on a pizza. Now we play the waiting game


@Gnometorious @keith

Got the mince and stuff browning or simmering or whatever it’s doing in a big pan on the hob. Gonna cover it with garlic baguette slices om nom nom. Smells soooo good.


I think food is my favourite thing.