Sunday Dinner 29-09-2019

Hello good friends!

What are you going to consume today?
We have a parsnip in the fridge so weโ€™ve no choice but to make a roast.
Greggs cheese and onion pasty for breakfast (thank you, Iceland)


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Lamb chops!!! With minted new pots, roasted carrots, Yorkshires and corn on the cob


Might order summat from deliveroo later. Maybe Poke


Reheated leftover jambalaya. The rice has been cooked better now but the carrot is still rock hard.

Followed by a wedge of birthday coffee cake. No faults with this except thereโ€™s only one slice left.

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Irked some people are sitting in my spot by the wallpaper i like


. Hey up just so you know if you click that it shares your name x

Accidentally ordered a massive lamb leg on Internet shop. Will be shepherd pie-ifying leftovers.


Bread for lunch

got a bit silly with the slashes.


I was aware of this. Can only see first name canโ€™t you? Just to be on the safe side @moderators could you delete please x

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Yes sorry didnโ€™t mean to panic you!

Itโ€™s okay I always worry about tmi on here anyway thank you :slight_smile:

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Corn on the cob with a roast?! Madness.

Whatcha gonna do bout it


thatโ€™s beautiful

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Done :+1:

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Now: Pasty, Heinz chicken cup a soup, sweet chilli crisps, Snickers.
Later: Dunno, kievs maybe. Having a roast tomorrow so not gonna today.

Aโ€ฆ Monday roast?? This is highly unorthodox. Iโ€™m going to have to check the rulebook.

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Donโ€™t blame me, blame the relatives that are visiting at very short notice.

I had last Monday off so made a roast. Monday roasts are so in fashion righht now.