๐Ÿง… Sunday Dinner 31-05-2020 ๐Ÿง…

Salutations, dear friends!

Welcome to the thread in which we discuss our plans for Sunday brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, treats and puddings.

Whatโ€™s going on in your kitchens today?



Egg on legs over here.

Iโ€™m going to do a Sunday lunch because itโ€™s my favourite meal of the week.

Ima going to do:
roasted veg (carrots, sprouts, potatoes, anything left over in fridge) with garlic, onion and olive oil cooked slowly
Linda Mccartney โ€˜beefโ€™ roast (bloody lovely and vegan for anyone interested)
stuffing balls
iโ€™m going to fry some leeks, olive oil, garlic with fake bacon
yorkshire puddings (made from egg subsitutute) so good
and loads and loads of gravy loads of itโ€ฆcompletely smootheredโ€ฆ
I want to eat it now.


fuck iโ€™m hungry

That all sounds great :yum:

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I was looking to prepping food to Cerys Matthews but sheโ€™s not in today :frowning:

Iโ€™ll do you a doggy bag!

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Wee bit continental for breakfast



@Avery has made a sourdough and weโ€™re currently waiting for it to cool so we can try a slice with butter, then Iโ€™m going to marinate some tomatoes for an early afternoon snack of bruschetta.

We have some mackerel that needs using today. Umming and ahhing over a mackerel salad for lunch (not sure if weโ€™ll be hungry for this AND bruschetta and the bruschetta is non - negotiable), using it in some kind of creamy pasta dish or freezing it so we can support a local business again by getting take awayโ€ฆ

Really quite fancy :pizza:

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  • Creamy mackerel pasta dish
  • Take away

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yes :+1:

love mackerel

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Talk me through your pomodoro please, Tilty :slightly_smiling_face:

Sooo what I did was I had some good quality Waitrose red Toms which I grated into a bowl avoiding the skin. Then glugged a nice amount of olive oil into the bowl. Added some chopped baby orange tomatoes, some chopped basil and one clove of garlic, then a little bit of salt. I then left the bowl for about half an hour before topping the sourdough toast with the mixture :slight_smile:


Reheated leftover lasagne. Was an absolute winner yesterday

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Weโ€™re trying a week of new dishes weโ€™ve not had before. Trying to break out of a rut weโ€™ve gotten into over the last couple of months.

Tonight is salt duck with onions, potato and spinach.


Lasagne is always a winner :blush:

Gonna get a pizza I reckon

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I managed to source some fish sauce this morning so weโ€™ll be having a butternut squash curry and noodles tonight.

Either an M&S BLT or chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

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No idea, but there is a lot in this thread that is making me very hungry.


BBQ. Chicken marinated in ginger and chilli, salmon marinated in lemon and honey and a burger. Might get some onions going too.