🔪 Sunday Dinner 8th December 2019 🔪

It’s that time of the week again! When all my FAVOURITE DiSers tell me what they are having for Sunday lunch/dinner/whatever you call the biggest meal of the day.

Please feel most welcome to say what you’ve had for breakfast/brunch/supper/tea, too :blush:

I’m considering fish pie, veggie lasagna or…?
I don’t massively fancy either of those options right now but that may just be because it’s not been long since I ate half a potato and 2 Lebkuchen :thinking:


Was very pleased by the amount of photographic evidence submitted to last week’s thread.
Looking forward to seeing all your delicious plates (or in @rob.orch’s case, saucepan) today.


Still not made a decision. Really need to hurry up and get to Tekbots.

someone needs to get that lad some plates. must be annoying to have to eat out the frying pan all the time


Gonna be having chicken Kiev, potato in some form (I want mash, wife wants wedges) and peas.


Desk Noodle!


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I was just thinking about making a lentil bolognese! Will be less faff than lasagne, we’ve not even gone to the shop yet and I don’t want to be in the kitchen all day…

Please tell me you are having something better later?

Someone on facebook’s claiming they’ve never eaten spaghetti.
Eat some spaghetti lol.


Bit of pasta tonight

With this view


Comfort food day

Scrambled eggs on toast for late brekko

Lunch seems to be chocolate digestives with a cup of tea

Got a posh ready meal shepherd’s pie for tea , gonna have it with baked beans


Went out for lunch, no photos but ate

Celeriac soup with hazelnuts and bread
Lentil and butternut bake with vegetables, roast potatoes
Date and pear cake with pear sorbet

One fizzy apple drink.


I’ll level with you, there are surprisingly few eaters around these parts today

I’ve been in the kitchen.

Will add lentils in a bit.


After this photo was taken I chucked in a tin of plum tomatoes, some water, fresh thyme, smoked and sweet paprika and all purpose seasoning.


Dirty Big Mac


Mash, many veg and some sort of pastry lattice thing I thing I think? Vrry boring.

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That was my lunch.

Not sure for tea yet. I have some vacuum packed steaks with a use by date of yesterday.

  • They’ll be fine
  • Bin em

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Sounds good to me

And do I have em with…

  • Mash
  • Fries

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