Sunday Dinner Thread 10-11-2019

Now I’m leaning towards veggie roast because I’m tired and anxious and don’t think I cba to spend hours in the kitchen and roast requires the least effort of the 3 options.

Probably having about six cupcakes to be honest :woman_shrugging:

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They do sound delicious tbf :woman_shrugging:

I’m gonna be cooking this thanks to Sunday Brunch

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Had some lindaMc sausie rolls for lunch. Might do sausages and mash for dinner.

Deffo apple crumble and custard though

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Getting a Chinese take away with guests. Going to have to navigate everyone’s wants and desires and vegetarian and children and finding somewhere open at 5pm. FO,M

  • Oh poor baby has to get a take away
  • That is actually a hassle that will mean when the meal comes it will be joyless due to the stress of arranging

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We just had the exact same breakfast

It’s a classic.

Woke up fully clothed again on the settee with no memory last night just incase you were worried I didn’t

(wearing gloves)

You might have done a burglary!

Ps. Hope you’re ok, pal

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This would stress me right out, unless i considered it as sometging completely other than getting a chinese takeaway. That said, whenever I’m sharing with any group of people i get anxious about wanting more but wanting everyone else to have their fair share but also wanting my fair share and please remember I’m not having any of that revolting mushroom dish you ordered.


When we shared tapas and there were like 3 prawn dishes :scream:

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Suet dumpling and a simple vegetable stew


Gonna go and get some lunch now, might just phone a pizza later.
Probably have some wine. :thinking:
Why does this bloody Mary taste like a pina colada?! :thinking:

If this was me I wouldn’t let anyone order their own dishes, I’d just order a whole load of different stuff and let people eat buffet style.


Current status


You’ve won.

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No idea. It will be a nice surprise when I eventually drag myself out of bed in another hour or so.