Sunday Dinner Thread 17-11-2019

Gonna make a roast :+1:
Need to pop out and get supplies, might swing by the pub and get a wine :thinking::wine_glass:


Don’t forget to post pics later!

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I’ve only gone and had a bloody Dewdneys, @anon19035908!

My parents bought some frozen ones up last time they visited. Today was the day we cracked them out and they were, of course, bleddy ansum. Best moment was my daughter saying “next time we go to Plymouth, can we go to the Dewdneys shop and eat them out of the bag?” #janner

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What’s a Dewdneys?

Lamb shanks, mash, broccoli and carrots for dinner.

Would it be weird adding some roast potatoes?

  • No, roasties go with everything load them up.
  • Yes you freak, it’s strictly mash with lamb shanks.

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It’s a pasty. But not any old pasty, they’re the best pasties in the history of pasties. Probably Plymouth’s finest contribution to the story of humanity.

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Had a sourdough toastie. Inside was cheddar , smoked cheese, tomato, spinach, houmous, chutney and butter.

Was delicious. Few fries on the side too.


I’m really jealous, could have murdered one of those today, and every day! You know they do mail order right?

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This sounds very, very nice

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Got dauphinois in the oven, gonna cook some steaks in a minute.

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Thanks for settling that everyone. We’re having roasties.


Yesterdays reheated leek looks a bit sad.

It’s a leek, it’s always sad #fuckleeks

  • Halloumi burger
  • Jalapeno poppers
  • Veggie nuggets
  • Fries

Fries were sub-par, but everything else was delicious. Couldn’t finish it all in one go though so gonna heat up the leftovers pretty soon :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Ok so this glass of wine has turned into a bottle, not sure a roast will happen now.ayne just a fuckkng awesome bowl of pasta :thinking::wine_glass:


And more wine :wine_glass:


You’re so wrong. Yesterday’s leeks were 10/10, could gave eaten a plateful

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Rather you than me.

I bloody well KNEW IT.