🍽️ Sunday Dinner Thread 19-04-2020 🍽️

Greetings, friends.

What’s on the menu today?
We’re having scrambled egg on toast for breakfast :fried_egg: and then the plan is to make some garlicky, leeky, creamy, mustardy chicken dish and serve with potatoes and veg.
We’ve got some brussels that need using, perhaps I’ll roast em :thinking:

Suddenly struck by a craving for pizza tbqh.



BBQ for me. Had pancakes for breakfast and having cheese, chutney and bread for lunch

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lasagne / lasagna


Brunch - scrambled tofu, herby breakfast potatoes, tomatoes, fried bread, garlicy mushrooms

Dinner - roast cauliflower, butternut squash and chickpeas with za’atar, cous cous and a lemony coriander yogurt dressing


Garlic mushrooms, hash browns and toast this morning

Got no other food but we’ve decided not to go shopping today cos CBA so probably pesto pasta misery tonight

Today is the first time that all the Balonzes will have the same meal as each other, well the baby’s will be unseasoned. It’s macaroni cheese with spinach and mushrooms.


Pesto pasta

  • Misery dinner
  • Classic, simple deliciousness

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Misery because I haven’t got any broccoli or whatever to chuck in

Also I don’t eat cheese

@Avery made us these perfect scramblers, thanks Avery!


So it’s cheese free pesto?
Got any peas? Peas would be a nice addition. Or sweetcorn?

Had Jus-Roll cinamon rolls for breakfast.
Minestrone soup for lunch
Jamie Oliver’s “Paella” for dinner.

Trying to use up fresh stuff before starting on frozen.

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Yeah it’s the jar of the vegan pesto

No peas or sweetcorn I’m afraid

Could add hash browns

Spicy carrot soup for lunch

Blue cheese stuffed roasted mushrooms for dinner

will make lemon drizzle cake today or tomorrow


Had eggs, mushrooms and tomato on toast for breakfast.

No lunch plans

Dinner…thinking some roast carrots, long stem broccoli,a spicy chickpea pasty, nice bit of tahini sauce. Maybe a flat bread on the side.


Had a bagel for lunch. Possibly pizza for dinner

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Dinner sounds great :yum:

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Hash browns on pasta? I’m not sure about that… I do love a hash brown though.

Could see it working.
Might try and make mac and cheese with a hash brown crust

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Time for breakfast pudding :blush:


Commiserations x

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