Sunday Dinner Thread (Pictures encouraged)

Hi friends! What are you having for your Sunday lunch/dinner?

Me and my TV are making a ridiculous roast with far too much food for just the 2 of us.
Roast chicken, pigs in blankets, cauliflower and broccoli cheese left over from Christmas, roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots, cabbage and leek, brussel sprouts, stringless beans and peas, homemade gravy + Yorkshires. Oh and we realised we forgot stuffing so we’ve made stuffing from scratch.
We serve at 6, I’m so excited :smiley:


Probably make a big stew and bang all the veg in there

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Alright bugduv

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I had roast beef with parsnips and amazing potatoes… didn’t get a pic though :broken_heart:


I’m going to join the frittata gang (once I’ve gone back out and got the ingredients)

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Just prepping the oil, butter and goose fat for the roast potatoes

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That sounds absolutely smashing.

Beef stew from last night. Used my biggest pot, ate what I could manage and bunged it in the fridge. I’ve put half of the leftovers aside for dinner (at work) tomorrow and then added more water to the remainder in a smaller pot. It’s simmering away with more freshly made dumplings.
Having a glass of red wine and watching football. It’s a pretty fucking good Sunday I have to say.

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Oh dear! That can’t be your MAIN Sunday dinner?

No, I had one of these as well


This picture of fat on a dirty oven glove is really upsetting


Is it even possible to clean oven gloves?

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the butter looks like it’s still raw in the middle

Wtf is happening here?


Had this in pub earlier. Was pretty disappointing. Poor yorkshires and the roast potatoes were shite. Meat was nice though.


YOU’RE really upsetting.

All sorts of really great things but mostly jusy an excessive amount of fats. YUMMY!

Yeah, doesn’t look great tbh. Why do so many pubs/restaurants think it’s acceptable to serve sub par roasties? It’s not even hard to make great roast potatoes! Disgraceful.

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I made chicken cacciatore with some kind of smushed up and fried new pots and a load of veg.

All on the table for 1 as my son wanted to get out to hang out with his mates. No photos I’m afraid but it was lush, and I made loads so will be eating it for a couple more days yet

Vegan daughter had to make do with a Linda pie and instant gravy, but I did make a vegan thai green curry for her last night

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But what is the fat on? It’s not really an oven glove is it?

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