Sunday Dinner Thread (Pictures encouraged)

Smushed up and fried new pots sound lush!

Not had it yet. Just enjoying the cherry Lucozade

Very anaemic veg there. Broccoli is looking particularly flimsy.

They were tasty but I smushed them a bit too much - came out more like fried mash with skins in. Still tasty but not what I was aiming for

Oh, i see, no it’s in a pyrex dish that I’m very good at washing.

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Thanks for clearing that up

A pleasure.

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Sage and onion stuffing in bollock formation for some reason. It was actually fairly tasty.

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This picture is so confusing. How isn’t all that soaking into the fabric? I guess there’s someone seee through over it but it’s still confusing.


what other disses were there


Sorry. I see we’ve gone over this.

Everything in my house is covered in cling film

We used to do that at work. Cling film all the sides, so at the end of the shift you just peel away the cling film and give everything a quick wipe.

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Homemade Tikka and Massaman (don’t ask) with poppas, naan and onion and sweet potato bhajis and assorted condiments


Just all the good ones.

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Wow! Excellent Sundaying :grinning:

bloke standing up knows the score

why are you preparing this on a dirty oven mit?

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That’s me dad

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that looks absolutely bangin