Sunday Dinner Thread

Hi pals,
What are you having for Sunday lunch/dinner?
If your breakfast was notable, tell us about that too.
Pictures strongly encouraged.

I’m currently in the kitchen listening to MØ and chopping veg for weekly lunch soup.
We’re making chicken, leek and ham pot pie (puff) with roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips, runner beans, petit pois and gravy. Apple and cinnamon crumble for dessert, with some oats in the crumble, for health. Going to open a bottle of white wine because the pie recipe calls for 2-3 spoonfuls of wine.

Happy Sunday!

Believe all we have in are frozen mini sausage rolls that were meant for Xmas. So, them, with Frank’s hot sauce. Not complaining.

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That sounds like an incredible Sunday lunch, well played. (Would be better if you made your own custard though).


Very true. The only reason we’re not is I don’t want to be eating custard all week. Well, I do want to eat custard all week but I really shouldn’t.

I’m fucking knackered so have sacked off cooking in favour of some bread, a few salads, some boursin and some blue. Also some black pepper kettle chips. Grazing

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This was meant to be a reply to laelfy!

I really love frozen cocktail sausage rolls. REALLY love them.

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Me too… how many is too many? Asking for a friend

Well, they are sold in bags of 50 so I can only assume that’s the recommended portion size.


Dinner is cancelled. (Starting to feel sick)

I’ve just made the crumble for later. I keep thinking @Gnometorious is talking to me, but in actual fact she’s hosting a cookery programme and is explaining her soup making method to the camera. I love that woman so much.

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Nooo! Quick, eat something small but nutritious. A banana or some toast.

Got to go hold a baby first.

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Soup nearly done.


Having some scampi for dinner. Brought back loads of spicy smoked paprika from Budapest so will run a bit through some homemade sautéed wedges or summink. Asparagus as a token green thing.

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Making a massaman curry and rice paper rolls later. Did the curry paste this morning and the kitchen smells of lemongrass. Banging.


Sounds banging! Lamb?
What’s going in the rolls?

Should I?

  • Go to Tesco
  • Get Chinese

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Have you got an idea what you’d cook?
How much energy have you got?
Have you already left the house today?