Sunday Dinner Thread


Dear friends, what are you feasting upon on this fine, sunny Sunday?

Still no plan here.
Our friends been pretty damn keen for us to watch Flash Gordon so looks like we’re not leaving Walthamstow for a few hours more.
…take-away could be on the agenda when we eventually get back home… that or something easy…

Making mushroom soup right now.

Probably going full roast later (vegie) with crumble.

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We’ve got enough leftover for more fish tacos so I’mma do that and endeavour to take some photos this time :fish: :taco:

Gonna drench mine in hot sauce and try to reignite my tastebuds.

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Lunch will be toast served with cheese and pickle or cheese and marmite

Dinner should be aubergine lasagne (so long as my aubergines haven’t gone off)

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:eggplant: :sweat_drops:


(Sorry everyone).

Pita bread, carrot and cucumber dips, tomatoes and a few different dips. Nice each lunch. Chill con carne for dinner

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Pics plz.

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Nut roast type thing or just all the veg with roast trimmings?

Normally a frozen Quorn roast. Leftovers are good in salads for work lunches do win both ways.

Pasty and some sour cream & chive hummus crisps for lunch. Dinner is still undecided!

think i’m gonna go try an aubergine parmigiana type thing :+1:

Scrambled tofu and Linda sausages and bagels


Chilli tofu

You’ll turn into bloody tofu you will!

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Post ride food

Hopefully be having something proper proper nice later


Note the textbook “last squirt from the bottle” ketchup mess there

Accidental rudeness EDIT

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I was going to award your Michelin star on account of the ketchup splatter but I’ll keep my restaurant awards to myself.

EDIT: Those are some pale waffles M8.

Looks good this man but you can practically see through those waffles.

Edit: I see this has been covered.


The waffles were fine guys, very bright sunshiney light in my kitchen making them look translucent


Feeling weirdly defensive about my waffles rn

I’ll take your word for it Timothy but this is my Chev rn: :face_with_monocle:

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