Sunday Dinner

What you having, friends?

We’re on a train back from Bristol. Yesterday, I had romantic notions of having a lovely meal out on our way home. Today I am barely alive. Far too hungover to eat at a restaurant but also not feeling capable of cooking. Pray for me, please.

Soothe me in these dark times of darkness, with tales of your Sunday lunch/dinner/tea.

Enjoy your kebab!


Panini, crisps, hot drink and existential crisis

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Just had a chorizo and cheddar sandwich, 2 pork pies, s&v squares and a popping candy dairy milk thing for my lunch break. Dinner is supposed to be chicken sausages, homemade wedges and broccoli but Mrs F isn’t feeling too good so that may very well be subject to change.

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Cheese toastie, chips, mushrooms, red pepper.

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I bet my existential crisis is bigger than yours.

rather than my traditional bacon roll for lunch, I had a sausage roll. rating: decent/10.

no idea what we’re having later. other than Christmas I can’t think of the last time we had a roast dinner :confused:

Might get another Maccies.

It’s World Health Day today. I trust you’ll all bear this in mind and opt for a dressing-free salad

FO, M.


:grinning: I could not feel less healthy in body and mind today.


I’m literally sat here with my head on the table. I just poured some water on my face. I’ve felt healthier, tbh.


I caught sight of myself in a mirror earlier. Face like a dropped pie.

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Is there a worse hungover food than salad?

Face off crimewatch, body off crimewatch here


So hungry, so much food out there, so little of it is in me.

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Ummm. At least it’s l kinda fresh n healthy tasting.Preformatted text


Can’t imagine cooking. Or getting takeaway. Or functioning as a human being.

Happy World Health Day m9.


Saag paneer, plus some sort of spiced roast cauliflower and aubergine, and some mahoosive naan

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