Sunday Dinner πŸ™Œ

Love Coco Tang. Their cakes are also :yum:

Yeah I was blown away the first time I went, due to its relation to the cocktail bar.

Come to this plz:

Something not-curry.

Also full of veg please.


Pooork btw


I hope you end up enjoyable a very tasty dinner. Report back :yum:

Still hungry. Found some crisps earlier. Not had a dominos in a week or two.

Sounds to me like a plan is forming… :thinking: :pizza:

We’re having meatloaf. I’m hungry.

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Butternut squash and bacon stew was the plan.

Discovered as I was about to start preparing ingredients that we have no tinned tomatoes.

Carbonara instead then.

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Recipe? (please)

Spicy broccoli beef is the decision of the day

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Hey :slight_smile: am making lamb meatballs with barberries and herbs, preceded by Persian flatbread with aubergine chermoula and lemon and coriander hummus. Wanted to make something nice for Mrs CCB’s parents and I’ve managed to find a type of food we both agree on.

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Sounds amazing, even if I don’t understand half the words

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On my way, can I bring the dog or shall i leave her here?


Full up after dinner


Chermoula is kind-of like a middle Eastern ratatouille but with loads of cumin, cinnamon, honey and raisins in it. Barberries are like sour cranberries and are yummy in a meat dish.


Your wife and kids are very lucky ccb :+1:

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had some spagett

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Round 1


Totally, totally would

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