Sunday Dinner!


Good afternoon, friends.
It’s that time of the week again.
So what will you be dining on today?

All I’ve had so far today is two cupa of tea. Would like to make something really tasty when we get home but also experiencing rising levels of cba.
Can anyone think of something special enough for Sunday that’s also easy and low maintenance?


Have a delicious day!


Make some homemade pizzas out of pitta breads and things you have in the fridge. Yummy and simple.

I’m having smoked haddock fish cakes that I made last night, although I’m not sure they look that great

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Hunters chicken with mash and veg tonight

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Just had a massive fry up

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Three quorn sausages, mash and carrots

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Oooof I’d go for that


Mmmm mash. Haven’t had mash for ages!


Really fancy mash now.

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Had a pork belly roast at a pub for lunch, then finished off my daughter’s sausage and chips for afters. Had a pint too. Feel very good about everything right now.


Hope we get some pictures in this thread as the day goes on.


We had Mexican rice (from a packet) halloumi, green beans and peppers, tahini and pitta for lunch.

No idea on dinner yet. Hate that it is always me who has to decide what to have and then cook it. 🤷

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rocket and walnut pesto and some grilled tofu

also making a no-bake vegan banoffee pie


Just finished work and making a curry. Yesssss!

Was going to make it last night but wasn’t hungry enough to make the effort. Facking starving today so am feeling well motivated


Go on strike!


I adore banoffee pie! What do you use instead of butter, condensed milk and cream?


Chicken and rice.

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Got some vivera fake gyros. Going to have that in pittas with red cabbage etc. Maybe some cous cous too


Oh god that stuff is so good and I ain’t even veggie.

Went shopping today. Half tempted to just sit in front of the television with a vaguette and some pesto tho

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That some sort of bread fleshlight?


Vaguette :joy:

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