Sunday evening stroke each others heads

We’ve booked ourselves Interrailing passes for the summer :smiley: :scream: :bullettrain_side:

I have a couple of quick questions but I’m not sure whether it’s worth starting a new thread. Should be an adventure!


You’ll be fine, and it doesn’t matter anyway cos you’ll be gone soon. You’re gonna be a great postman x

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oh man everything


I don’t really have any cat pictures but here’s the Roath Panda

(My mate Al found her in a bin a few hours later :frowning: )


Just a lot of travel and being totally unprepared for what I have to do. Will be home briefly on Tuesday morni before heading back down to London but not properly till Thursday.

Can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow who the hell does everyone think they are

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Gonna eat an entire multipack of pickled onion monster munch

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Unfortunately for you, I’m the chief commissioning editor of BBC television.

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That’s a long way to come back down again! Can’t you go straight from Bristol to London? Might be a box waiting upon your return…

my dread is fairly low in part bc of the Brass Eye doc mentioned upthread, and the Final Fantasy 9 Cane & Rinse podcast will be out tomorrow (my social life is weak)

but also cause of the fact that I was really miserable two weeks ago, which meant I felt overly proud of myself that I did a moderately decent job at work last week, meaning my confidence work-wise is high so that I can predict that the week will LEVEL OUT AT MIDDLING

:champagne: to mediocrity


It’s an outrage!


How did you tell your boss or have you not yet? Think I’m gonna end up staying in the same job until I get sacked or made redundant just because I can’t handle telling him. Also hate having to book a day off for the interview or pull a sickie or whatever.

I can’t, it would be difficult to justify another night’s hotel stay and expenses to the company paying the bills. I would never have planned it this way but it wasn’t up to me :woman_shrugging:

told my direct manager in person and told the other one on the phone cos he was off sick. both were really nice about it. think if i had a nobhead boss i’d just email a resignation letter or something

Things are looking up though


Kill me now

You crack me up!


That is the opposite of what asmr is to me :nauseated_face:

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