Sunday Evening Threads Inc






Trying not to bawl at two cgi bears


Hey Bam! Hey 2vacca!


Going to see Rozi Plain, The Shaker Hymn and Anna-Mieke Bishop play at half-seven. HYPED.

Going to meet an ATD for a pint first. Fucking Hell I love Beamish.


i’m really worried about tomorrow :frowning:


Hey guys. Had the most chilled weekend. Now watching Paddington/NFL and gonna sort a pie out for dinner


At mum and dads house, just had dinner, and about to have a cuppa and watch American cop shows.


Where is the NFL thread…?

snowing in Buffalo!


Arrived home for Christmas although technically I’m away with work all next week.

My secret Santa present was waiting for me - confused the hell out of my parents :grinning::grinning:




Had sushi. And a waffle.

Crushing it at life tbh.


That post code :smile:


Doing a presentation in Spanish about gay people in Franco’s time. Think I’ll be OK.


I over-catered a little bit last night. Ah well, Sunday evening leftover time!


yum yum!


Still hungover. Watching telly.


Damn right! Clockwise from top left: saffron and lemon chicken; Shirazi salad; pistachio and feta dip; hummus (about five times too much of it); spicy tomato and pepper dip; middle eastern focaccia. Cheers, Persiana!


Back in Switzerland tonight, working here for a few weeks. About to make some gnocchi and see what Swiss Netflix has to offer


Can you lock a thread that you’ve started? If so, I think it should be the responsibility of the day shift thread starter to lock their thread once the evening thread starts.