Sunday evening


Alright guys!

Got a taste of the ol’ SUnday dread, even though I’m not hungover in the slightest which is odd. Gotta train someone tomorrow and I just cbaaa

played a bit of heads and volleys today, absolutely shattered me out. enjoyable though

how are you all/what are you doing


I’m doing nothing. my flatmates are making a roast dinner, which i’m going to eat without having done anything to help.

total prick behaviour, probably


embroiled in an email argument with my landlord over fees she is charging us to add a new tenant on to the contract renewal (which she asked us to do in the first place as a result of increasing the rent by 25%). apparently we now have to pay for her to perform her basic responsibilities as a landlord :slight_smile:

fuck Sundays.


Ate so much Japanese curry.

Now watching two Netrunner tournaments at once. Yeeeeeeah.


Gonna go to bed I think


Started feeling really ill over the last hour or so. Dull headache, feel weak and my tongue feels a bit numb. Got an exam tomorrow, this could be disastrous.


Need to go out and get some food, craving salt.
Listening to Grimes and reading Emily Dickinson. My life had stood a loaded gun infuckingdeed.


oh no hope you feel better soon! and good luck with the exam! :pencil2:


I’m hungover and got the Sunday dread. Would love another day for the weekend eh.


hi tkc and ever


I’m reading the Sunday papers and hanging out with our cat. Might have a beer. Waiting to hear back from bandmates about a gig we’ve been asked to play in two weeks. Would love if we played it.


moving with most of my stuff back to the uk tomorrow and the flat’s a mess and i’ve barely done anything


just leave it all and put a sticky note on the front door saying ‘You have been Brexit’ed’


Thanks jazzy - hope you’re keeping well


Watching Days of Future Past. or, as it appears so far “That 70s X-Men Show”.


Got a bit of Sunday dread going on, but that’s probably just due to being hungover. I actually quite enjoy my job.


Did a massive shop at unicorn this morning and had some beetroot, lime and coconut soup whilst I was in there which was YUM. I had it for breakfast. Big fan of soup for breakfast - not sure why it’s not caught on.

For lunch I went to a pizza place with friends AND HAD SALAD. Pft. And the rest of the night I’ve spent making chutneys for later in the year, a giant cauliflower quiche, and letting the baby lick an orange. Only just sat down. Knackered.


Just watched lets talk about kevin. Was alright. For once i dont have Sunday dread :open_mouth: which is probably more concerning. How dare i have a relaxing Sunday evening with no anxiety?!

P.S - Vanilla yazoo tastes exactly like liquid milkybar yoghurts. Which is clearly heavenly.


One of my flatmates dumped their food on my shelf. Don’t know who it was and don’t want to start anything as I’ve only just got here.