Sunday Fathers Day Thread

Morning all,

What’s going on where you are today?

I’m watching Yellow Submarine on repeat on YouTube with the boy. Good father / son bonding.

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Trying to mark at least 20 exam papers.
Writing a lesson plan and resources for an interview.
Probably have to go food shopping at some point.

It is not father’s day until 2nd September here in Aus, probably to make sure the weather is passable. Don’t really have any affinity to it in any case as I don’t recall it even being a thing back in the 80s.

Today I played a lot of my little pony with my daughter, took her to a swimming pool birthday party and am now cooking an aubergine cassoulet by Nige Slater

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Off to godalming to see a couple of mates. Might get a McDs breakfast

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Still at this beach party


Is that a huge bag o’cans they’re carrying on the right?

Happy Father’s Day to the dads of DIS.

Great bunch of dads.

Thoughts with those that have lost theirs.


Off to Abigdong Abingdon

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Got this. Apparently I’m all about the food.


Why would you do that?

YES Abingdon!!

Got a decent haul of beard trimmer and a selection of cans that I need to photo and put up in the Beer Wankerz thread - feeling very pleased with the boy. Currently watching Peppa


Morning! Kids woke up at 5:30 :grimacing: Got a cool print and a chocolate orange for Father’s Day.

Is it too early to eat the chocolate orange?

  • Eat the chocolate orange.
  • Save it for later.

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Not up to much today, until the Brazil game later which I’m watching with the TV. It’s great having a Brazilian gf because then I have an excuse to have a ‘2nd team’ that might actually win.

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Say hi to my Dad while you’re there; alas I live near Manchester so there’ll be no seeing of my Dad today :frowning:

Probably yeah


My old stomping ground. Been lots of years since I’ve been there though

Will be breathing the same air. Off to Secretts for pick your own.

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Got 3 plasterers in my bathroom. Not ideal on a Sunday but I don’t expect they are mad keen to be here either
Went to see Waxahatchee last night, did not spot @sadpunk Show was great if a little short (all done by 9:30) . Nearly went to the wrong venue.

It was also a 2nd date - so we went to the pub after. Mildly hungover today. Date was good but I’m worried we are lacking the all important flanter (TM @meowington)

Will be seeing 2/3 of the kids today. Eldest is working instead on this most hallowed of days