Sunday Fathers Day Thread



Got 3 plasterers in my bathroom. Not ideal on a Sunday but I don’t expect they are mad keen to be here either
Went to see Waxahatchee last night, did not spot @sadpunk Show was great if a little short (all done by 9:30) . Nearly went to the wrong venue.

It was also a 2nd date - so we went to the pub after. Mildly hungover today. Date was good but I’m worried we are lacking the all important flanter (TM @meowington)

Will be seeing 2/3 of the kids today. Eldest is working instead on this most hallowed of days


Meant to be going to the Tate in the afternoon. I guess to see the Picasso thing?

Just going piss around doing nothing til then


wish I was a dad


Quite don’t like fathers day, but I hope all the good dads enjoy it.


Cashed in my fathers day lie-in yesterday so up at 7:30ish today.

Had plans to head to Herne Hill today to go on the miniature railway, then Sympathetic Ear, then lunch, but the f**king Thameslink isn’t running so that plans been abandoned.


im very lucky to have an Overall Good Dad


Going by your Instagram and what you post on here you make a great dad for your nipper so you should just celebrate yourself today @Flashinglight :cake:


Hungover but not too hungover. Going to take The Lads for curry brunch.


Hope the dads all have a nice day.

Remember to have a quick chat with partners, mates, parents, etc whose dads might have passed on. Always forget, but i imagine anniversaries can be quite tough for them.


Plans for today:
Morrisons for food shopping
World Cup x3


Mine too! Such a strange place. My sister lived there for a while so I used to go on the regs but haven’t been for ages.


Tip run



I’ve been baking. Family taking me out for dinner later.


That’s a solid Sunday m10


Got paesano scheduled for later, yaaas.


Completely understandable. If it’s any consolation Jimbo is being an absolute shit today, I’ve had passive aggressive resentment at the fact I want to pop to the local record shop this morning, and I’m going to be dragged off to a toddler’s birthday party where I won’t know anyone (not even the parents!) this afternooon.

On top of that my dad walked out on my mum before I split up with my ex more than ten years ago, but they’re still not divorced and he’s still being a twat.

Happy Father’s Day :grimacing:


Hey everyone

Heading home from a film festival today, been here since Weds. Was a bit chillier here than I’d packed for, and as a result I now have a massive bitch of a cold. Gonna be a fun 4 hour coach ride home I’m sure


You’ve made those already this morning?!!! They take bloody ages to make!!


Kids and wife have spoiled me with some lovely hand made cards and stuff. Taken son to his swimming lesson and then we’re going on the steam train to bury and a wander around a museum. Then World Cup later on. Lovely day and much love to everyone on here, know that fathers/Mother’s Day can sometimes not be the best x


Started last night tbh tbf