🥦 Sunday Food 12-12-2021 🥦

Greetings and salutations, friends :blush:

What’s happening in your kitchens today?
Take :framed_picture: please!


Just cheese on toast for me…

Nah, it’s full fancy Dan chateaubriand wankery and I am already excited for it.


Fat fluffy blueberry pancakes


Just put the lamb in the oven to roast. Cant wait

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Gonna get up and have my weetabix and coffee soon.

Leftover Katsu for lunch

The one of the 3 Ps (Pasta, Pizza or Pie) for tea. Pie feels most Sunday to me.

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I’ve had a cooked breakfast already and I’m unsure what meals my day has in store later because of uncertainty over what we’re doing.

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Leftover curry for breakfast is my favourite thing.

Chana Bhuna, rice and Aloo Paratha.

Going to a Christmas Market thing so will grab lunch there. No idea for dinner yet. Got some nice pasta in so may knock a simple sauce up and have it with a big salad


Making chicken stock for the gravy later


Yum! :yum:

Genuinely embarrassed at the amount of my life I spent not ordering this. Might be the world’s greatest carb


Cheesy bean pastry from Lidl for breakfast. I am very patiently waiting for it to cool down so I don’t burn my mouth on it.

Toasted croissant with nutella with a :coffee: for b-p

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Hmm this pastry isn’t very nice :unamused: wish it was a Greggs cheese and onion pastry instead

Bowl of cornflakes for breakfast
Mince pie for elevenses
Forgot to make desk salad last night. Looks like I’ve got a chicken and mushroom pot noodle lined up for lunch then unless something spectacular happens.
I clearly love working weekends.

Would like to have something nice for dinner but I need to eat up a chilli I made on, I think, Weds night? Possibly Tues :grimacing: it’s veggie, should be fine!

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Some breakfast tiramisu :heart_eyes:


Really need to nip to shops to get something for lunch but Mrs shiny’s nap has overspilled… Again.

  • Rhubarb crumble
  • Rhubarb strudel

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Had black cherry conserve in my croissant because I made an excellent discovery of an open jar of said jam in the fridge. True players would have added some kind of cocoa and maybr hazelnut based spread as well, to really make those cherries sing, but, um, I’m gonna have to hold my hand up and say I’ve let the true players down on this one. I’m sorry, true players


Now I want tiramisu!

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I had avocado and poached egg on toast for brunch and there’s a chilli in the slow cooker for dinner. :yum:


Got leftover veg pakora and rice from last night’s Local Indian so reckon I’ll make saag to go with it.

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