🍲 Sunday Food 🍲

It’s Sunday and I’m hungry.

What are you eating today?


Granola and blueberries

Maybe something bagely for lunch

Need to eat up some tofu satay stuff for tea.

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Was thinking about making red lentil soup but don’t want you to pity me so i simply won’t eat


Pancakes for breakfast with fruit and maple syrup :yum:
Misery sandwiches for lunch :neutral_face:
Curry in the slow cooker for tea :yum:

Probably some biscuits in between.


Laughed out loud at this, Shrewbie. Please eat whatever you want to eat and know that I am happy for you :relaxed:

  • Order pizza
  • Cook

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still on soft food, so breakfast burrito and a lemon & ginger tea so far. hope we’ve got some angel delight in the cupboard


Had poached egg on toast for breakfast, but i broke 2 yolks putting them into the water.

Dinner will be pie, mash and veg, followed by an awesomely rich black forest brownie.

lunch is probably going to have to be soup I think.

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I have run out of ready meals but I have porridge. And milk. I next get money in my account on tuesday, so I think I will be eating alot of porrige between now and then :confused:

Can everyone stop voting cook and start voting for the one where I get pizza thank you

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More information please

Are you not well? Hope you feel better soon x
:crossed_fingers:t2: For Angel D.

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Cook a pizza.

Our friend has started work in a local cake shop, so we’ve got some stuff that hadn’t sold.
Its a really gooey brownie with cherries and booze in.

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Need to make the dough in advance and we haven’t so :thinking::telephone_receiver::pizza:

lol if you DON’T just order out for a dominos.

Christ what I would do for a dominos rn.

Cook a pizza in someone else’s oven, using them to make, bake and serve it

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Co-op steak bake for breakfast, spicy chicken wraps & chips & halloumi fries for lunch, probably some kind of sandwich for tea.



Want breakfast pudding