Sunday Fred


In the office on my own for the whole day probs. Just gonna blast out some Idlewild for a few hours
What the hell are you doing with your lives today?


not a whole lot, video games, might watch a film. just looked at the clock to see if it was close to lunchtime already… not even close.


Football called off due to #frozenpitch
Might get my hair cut, but I’m worried just walking into an unknown barbers will be a risky move and my usual barbers isn’t open today.


if it’s not even close to lunchtime, why have I already eaten most of my lunchtime snacks? why?!!11


a dangerous game. but all for supporting barbers that open on a Sunday, one of only 2 days anyone in the real world can get their haircut.



#Here are your One-Word DiS Horrorscopes for today!

Aquarius: Decision
Pisces: Flat
Aries: Empty
Taurus: Bonus
Gemini: Charge
Cancer: Tangerine
Leo: Early
Virgo: Examination
Libra: Sand
Scorpio: Reverse
Sagittarius: Illuminate
Capricorn: Cancelled


This genuinely causes me more anxiety than almost anything else when I move house. A good (reliable) barber is a much-undervalued person.

Solved* the problem for the next few years by finding a city centre barber who opens Sunday.

*Apart from my Xmas haircut which I nearly didn’t get because they were so busy.


Reviewing my CV. I sent it out to 7-8 agencies for specific jobs last week. Each with a covering letter. Not a single response. I think I need to look at my CV again and start following up. I am pretty out of practice at job hunting to be fair.

Also got to go and buy some beer, and do some training/teach myself some new skills.


Sacked off my nerdy card game tournament due to coming down with a severe case of the cbas.

Making pancakes, then dunno. Haven’t spent all day playing computer games in a while, might do that.


This sounds like a great day.

My plans are similar except I had porridge for breakfast.


i just ate some seaweed thins. gr8 shit.


Driving to my parents in a minute (waiting for my TV so your horoscope’s wrong on the the early part @twentynine). Gonna view a possible wedding venue, get a haircut and go to a pub for my grandpa’s 85th birthday meal. Sunday in a nutshell


Got up too early for a sunday. Got to get up at 6 tomorrow as well :weary:


The day is but short in the tooth! :crystal_ball:


please can somebody give this guy a listen for me and report back


Hi IOS and all,

Not yet out of bed, just been reading.

Probably go for a potter in the park and look at good dogs. Then watch the masters final.


think death is the only escape from my terrible situation.

Drink and pills aren’t fixing things.

Going to make plans this year.


Anyone ever had any serious back pain? Been struggling for the last few days.

Constant pain when upright but it is bearable. Absolute agony when I lie down on my back or my front. Occasionally I can manage on my side but mostly been sleeping propped up on couch. There are times when taking a deep breath or coughing or laughing causes it to flare up.

Just feels like muscles around spine, mainly on middle left are constantly taut and this transfers to my abdomen and it seizes up when I move in certain ways. Impossible to make those muscles relax.

Ibuprofen when taken orally makes me spew but I’ve been using a ibuprofen gel and it works for a couple of hours but then I wake up in agony when it wears off.


What did the doctors say?


that’s it, i’m eating my lunch