Sunday funday :)


Hello my first post . Long time lurker. You guys are like celebrities to me ! Tell me about your Sunday ? I’m at Heathrow airport about to go bowling for one pond.


Bowling for soup tribute acts are getting weirder


I am at family holiday home. Triffic triffic views from the garden. Hashtagshytory


Welcome losageless (hi CG!)

I’m awake too early and i’m not sure why. Got lots to do today so should prob get up and on with it. Need coffee in my face.


Hello @Losageless, welcome aboard.

Porridge then to library to work for me. Probably watch Ecosse later. Very boring.


Happy Sunday all

Working 8-5 today :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Morning folks :wave:

Off out this afternoon to see @incandenza and eat Japanese food :grinning:/:drooling_face:

Have a bit of a cold though which is very poor timing :sneezing_face:



Niece’s christening later. Still unknown if I’m the godfather. Will be going to mass beforehand too, bleeurgh.

Then hanging out with my brother-in-law’s side of the family, who are all rubbish. Bleeeeeeurgh.

Then going home on an easyJet flight. Bleeeeeeeeeeurgh.


Cutest baby in the world tho.


Hello :wave:


Library doesn’t open until 12, you think this would be the type of thing I’d check before setting off eh?


Morning. Waiting for Scotland game like :tired_face:


Post/username, etc


Bloke in front me of in the coffee shop has ordered a fresh mint tea and a babyccino to go. Livid.


Morning. My cold seems to be better today, but that means I’ll have to do all the boring shopping/chores that I didn’t do yesterday when I was moping on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

Enjoy the bowling.


Did he get the last babycino then? Unlucky


Bet his child is called hawkeye


Going out to watch some hockey in a minute, then coming home to watch some more have hockey on tv, then going out to play some hockey.


They made coffee for the guy who ordered after me first and i missed the bus :frog:


All this whilst listening to the band Hockey?