Sunday Funday

In Manchester Airport waiting to go back to South Portugal, it’s mayhem. The queue for Costa and the pub is insane, I’ve given up and got a sausage roll from WH Smiths.

What you got on today friends?


Today will be a nice calm day I hope. Some music, coffee, maybe get rid of the weeds by the front door, that kind of stuff


Up out of bed far too early because I sold an old bike and the buyer wanted to pick it up at Silly AM on a Sunday.

Not got much planned for the day. Take the dog a walk after breakfast. Watch football this afternoon. Fill in the gaps as required.

Ordered a McDo for breakfast

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Hey. Proper (5½hrs) nights sleep for the first time in a week. Feeling a bit better. Off to a NT house for a mooch round the garden and grounds with a picnic. Not sure about later on, but that’s fine for now.


Doing some work

Watching the football

Not thinking about tomorrow :open_mouth:

Need to go to the tip, but I can’t get excited about it because I’m going to get to break down some properly sturdy cardboard first and I hate doing that.

Broke up with my D&D group yesterday (it’s not them, it’s me etc) so that’s freed up my evening for some hardcore sitting staring at the walls waiting for bedtime.

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Currently being forced to watch the new Fireman Sam. The kids are absolute dickheads in this program, Norman never bloody learns should be in Young Offenders.


Started the morning by cleaning the garage, then later I’m gonna plant some new plants we bought yesterday to try and spruce the garden up a bit. Also need to go to the tip (tip friends @Epimer !!!) but need to somehow break down some VERY sturdy cardboard first (breaking up sturdy cardboard friends @Epimer !!!)


I don’t want to be awake.

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I’m thinking of piling it up in the garden and elbow dropping it from the roof


Just take it down the tip like that. Let The Machinery take care of breaking it down.

Won’t fit in the car!!

Is there any local wasteland?

I am ill and will be spending the day in bed being unhappy

There’s a BMX track over my back fence. Could just launch it.

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Gws, gg.



Not sure whether to post in the daily thread, or the stupid reasons for going to hospital thread, but…….

Off to hospital after stabbing myself in the hand trying to get a stone out of an avocado.



Morning all!

It looks lovely outside but it’s quite chilly so we’re taking The Child to see The Bad Guys. There will probably be lunch afterwards.

I need to do some work later so I have classes tomorrow but most of my teaching next week is on strike days so I won’t worry about the rest.