Sunday Funday


I’m really tired. Went to a friend’s birthday in Dalston last night and it’s a fucking pain in the arse to get home to Oxford from. Ended up walking across half of London it felt like.

Going to eat a bacon sandwich then think about what to do today. I think the answer is probably ‘not very much’.

Also it’s cold!!

Robbie Williams - Party Like A Russian

Hungover + Flight back to Glasgow = possible vomit.

Probably watch the golf.


coulda got the 38 to victoria and train from there?

i’m WFH as always. debating whether to have a second pot of coffee or not.

  • do it
  • don’t do it

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might go out for some food with the wife tonight, feel like we haven’t seen eachother properly in weeks.


Yeah. tbh I think I made it harder for myself by being absolutely smashed and not being able to read bus signs properly. I can’t blame Dalston.



anglos a sunday all

thoroughly enjoyable grand prix earlier

now i’m gonna fuck around in ableton for a while and then put more football on

woo woo


I’m thinking getting back from London at night is gonna be a pain in the arse. Decided to buy a cheap piece of junk bike so I’m not constantly worried about it and can lock it up at the train station.

Today I need to buy stuff thats appropriate for a formal dinner (it’s so unclear what I’m actually meant to wear, says gowns are optional so I’m just gonna wear a nice but demure, below-the-knee black dress and a cardigan).


need new trainers

suggestions for where to buy online?


Yay, another day. Fuck this.


Got a munter of a headache. Should probably eat something, but cba.

No great plans.


Hello everyone

Feels like i slept forever but it’s only 11am in the morning


Been cooking chickpeas for 3 hours.

Only another 2 to go!


Nail biting finish in the Australian RL grand final.


might go out for a :burrito: for lunch


hi guys.

Glad I did my ironing yesterday, hate having that having over my Sunday.

Thanks for being nice to me yesterday guys!


Good wedding yesterday (even if I did end up missing the ceremony as the venue had no signs at all).

Made a right mess of getting back and ended up with a 3 mile walk through Glasgow at 1am. Sound. I even danced at the ceilidh which was awesome.

Can’t be bothered with work tomorrow. My house is a state and needs cleaning.


Morning all. Just had a massive fry up. Not going to do much today. The Cardiff Half Marathon’s on, so travelling round the city is pretty much impossible.


Had plans to go to the pub for City and the golf this afternoon, I’d even booked tomorrow morning off with some of the flex time I’ve built up. I woke up feeling better from yesterday’s cold, but a walk down to the Co-op and back has levelled me. So I’ve cried off. Going to buy a Now TV day pass.

I’ve finally sorted a day and time to meet with the girl I’ve been messaging on a well known online dating site, so need to be fit for that.



Feel alright, bit tired. Just hoovered the flat and clean the bathroom. Listened to the new Nicolas Jaar, Jenny Hval and Danny Brown albums.

Watching yesterday’s highlights then I want to get out of the flat and go for a walk or get some lunch or something.

Have fun!


Bit of band practice today, of course the weather is nice for once. Watch some fitbawww later