Sunday Funday

Couldn’t see a daily thread, so here we are. The title is ironic, btw. Got to go to work in a minute, which is bad, my regular bus service is cancelled for today because of weird bus company politics so it’s going to take me twice as long as normal to get there, which is also bad, and when I do make it in all our computer systems are going to be down for maintenance so there will be infinite extra layers of hassle, which is once again…bad. Sigh.

Nevermind, I will get through it and come home to a nice evening I’m sure. How about you?

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I had a nice pizza yesterday, but was in such a filthy mood because up until that point is spent the whole day either trying to get a baby to sleep or sitting with a sleeping baby… that I didn’t enjoy the pizza as much as I should have. Worra waste (and worra embarrassment).

Off to baby swim school and then going to look at car seats today. Rock and roll lifestyle.

Feel like shite. Got no motivation at all at the minute, head falls off any time I have a couple of days off work, run down and irritable. Can’t even do anything even mildly productive. Being sober is grim and lonely.

Nice evening out for my friend Jamie’s birthday. Still sorting out todays plans but will watch the big match later.

What a talent this guy is.


Do travelodges not have hairdryers?! Wtf am I supposed to do with my wet hair

Morning troops. Ran out of coffee and forgot to get some more so a run out in half jammies was needed.

My youngest had a sleepover and it was fine. Last sleepover for a decade. I spent ages trying gently to get them to “fucking” sleep but I was not happening. Went to bed and fell asleep before they did, lol.

Just chilling with the dog, whose shoulder has healed and isn’t yelping every five minutes, and listening to Fourtet while the kids play goose game.

Just realised that I don’t know when pick up is.

Just ask I think

Do Travelodge provide hair dryers and irons?

Yes, if you require either of these during your stay, just ask reception. Please note that they are available on a first come, first served basis. Guests staying in one of our SuperRooms are provided with a powerful hair dryer, iron and ironing board.



Jimbo’s off to a birthday party this morning, where he’s getting lunch thrown in, so to make the most of our freedom I’m going out to brunch with my other half. No idea where yet, somewhere not too far from the party.

The rest of the day - who knows?

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Rain rain rain rain

Ah, phew! Thanks

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do the balaclava biker gangs come out when it’s raining?

I think that along with the hardship fund there should be a Big Jumper Fund for @xylo

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just because i don’t want anyone caught in the crossfire: chunky knits and i are good friends and will always be close. it’s the thin wool knits that are out to make me look shit and i’m glad for the support of friends.


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Jamming Rock N Roll GIF by Foo Fighters

I’ve banned myself from doing this due to being too old and everything aches


One of my penoid pals has made it into the top cut of the big regionals so I’m going to be watching that and cheering them on.

No further plans.


Title of my sex tape


Morning all!

The Child isn’t due back until later this afternoon so I’m making the most of my morning by drinking coffee and watching Sunday Brunch.

I’m going to have a bath in a bit and then do a bit of work/ computer games.

No idea about meals but I’ll update the thread accordingly.

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