Sunday Heat


Woke up early to close my curtains and windows to shut in that cool night aor and now cannot sleep :upside_down_face:

Seeing Modest Mouse tonight in Bexhill so im very very excited :blush:

Also relieved to see our forecast seemingly being quite ‘mild’ compared to the rest of the county

Whats your Sunday agenda look like


Morning ducky!
Up early to do exactly the same thing! And feed the cat of course, who was lying on my chest for an hour before I did get up just to make sure I didn’t forget.

Going for a picnic with friends later, hoping cause we’ll be sat by a lake in the shade it shouldn’t be too bad heat wise.

Gonna try and snooze for another hour or so before properly getting up.

Enjoy modest mouse my love!


I want this cat bed :sob:


That morning night air was a little bit too cool lol i had to put on trousers. Just pulled myself out of a terrible dream where i felt like the car i was in was closing in on me, my vision was tunnelling, i was trying to call out for help but couldn’t, my chest felt tight, i was thinking am i dying? Then forced myself to wake up. It felt so so real, the noise, the fear, everything

Whatever I have wrong with me is causing a lot of pain. Slept like shit. Meant to be at work but not sure if I can face it.

Youngest is still buzzing from the football last night.

So we’re up and about early, to head to the coast for a fry up and morning swim in the sea.

Back home for a BBQ, and then back to the seaside to watch Modest Mouse.


My right side just above my pelvis towards the back is hurting. Sometimes get a similar pain on the left side. Seems to be a recent thing that I’ve started getting these pains and I’m worried it’s my kidneys or there’s something else going on. What would a GP do if I went and mentioned it?


Up since 5 with the child again, not sure how to break this routine, but could really do with working it out

Wife is planning on taking the bubs off for a day trip today so might have a lovely long time of no parenting. Planning on going for a short bike ride just to get myself hot and sweaty enough to really appreciate the paddling pool

Then going to spend the rest of the day sitting in it eating Snickers ice cream bars.

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Probably press on your abdomen. Ask where the pain radiates from and refer you for an ultra sound and blood test.

Deffo worth getting it checked out.



Was up early because of heat and the dog deciding to jump on the bed. Took him for a decent walk before it starts getting warm because he probably won’t be going for one until Wednesday now.

Got some cinnamon swirls in the oven. Need to go and get a bit of shopping in a bit. Doing a BBQ this afternoon. Might get the paddling pool out and filled up in case the dog wants to make use of it.

As we’re moaning about our aches - My legs and feet are always achey as fuck first thing in the morning when the weather is warm.

Hiya daily thread gang. Thanking my lucky stars that it’s cloudy this morning as my flat is east-facing and only gets hot if the sun’s been shining on it in the morning, hopefully a bit of a reprieve from the heat until tomorrow now. Off to an exercise class this morning then gonna buy a load of cold food for the next couple of days.

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Last Sunday dread for a long time so it’s basically not even that Sunday dread like


Morning all.

Up at 7 to walk the dog before it gets too hot. Watered the plants in the garden.

Just about to start in getting done of the ice build up in the freezer sorted out.

The swelling has altered my voice, very weird

Fine on a sandwich or etc, I think. Not one for eating on its own though.

Huge nosebleed again. Lying in bed imagining eating breakfast but there’s no butter for toast :sob: The horror!

Might walk over to a particularly bleak part of Old Trafford at lunch as a ceramics collective i like have a studio there apparently.

Didn’t think it would be so hot today. Was expecting it to ramp up tomorrow.

Bit of housework then off to watch the missus sing, then maybe go to this Thai festival. Then I’ve got to go round my mates to pick up some sauce as he’s moving house.

That’s about it bout it

Morning Dudes,

Just waiting for the Sainsburys delivery, then we’re off to the beach for a bit before it gets too hot

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Youngest was at cub camp this weekend, but had to go pick him up last night at about 8 as he was poorly. Got him home, and i slept on his bedroom floor, so now i ache

Just rained here so not too hot at the mo, dogs have appreciated a cooler walk.

Might find out what the world record for number of iced Americanos drunk in a day is, and beat that record.