Sunday hello


Met this guy at the pub last night.

What’s everyone up to?


Up early with the wee man. Just watching match of the day and my morbidly curious side has made me peek inside the pumpkins thread which has some more recent terrible hot takes.

Got reports to write later. Ugh.


Aww, I saw a great cat the other day too, this really fluffy dark grey one with orange eyes. I was petting his head as he sat on someone’s front garden wall when this old man sidled up to me and hissed “HE BITES” and hurried off lol


Also I woke up an hour ago with my 2nd cold sore in 2 weeks, never had so many before! Usually it’s a once a year type thing. Warning: gross I hate it because I’ve studied the virus that causes cold sores at uni and learned about horrific things like the oozing crusty variant on your EYEBALLS and as a contact lens wearer who broke her glasses im playing a dangerous game argh


Morning pals! Pishing it down here in France as expected so no climbing this morning. Gonna schlep back to the channel tunnel and see if they’ll let us on a much earlier train back.


I know that game.



I found out last night that today’s going to involve a lot more solo childcare than I had bargained for, after the other half had forgotten about a house warming this afternoon and also volunteered to help set up a toddlers birthday party this morning. It’s going to be a loooong day.


Walking to Balloch. Can’t be arsed interacting with other people.


One of the things that discourages me from doing more running is the forced bonhomie at those events.

Do you want sponsorship?


I want to lie in bed for another few hours and sit about in my pants for the rest of the day.

(Will dm you)


Nearly forgot trains from near my house don’t run on Sundays now I’ve gotta dash to get to work.


I’m a bit hungover and tired because my daughter has decided she isn’t fussed about sleep* this weekend.

*although she quite likes High On Fire

I’m watching MOTD and wondering when I can justify a second coffee.


I’ve been up for an hour or so already. I dunno why I can’t lay in any more! I need an early morning hobby.

I don’t have much to do today. Bf has been away for 3 days playing golf and what is he doing today? Oh more golf :roll_eyes:


Have you thought about taking up golf?


Morning the people.
Woke super late at 7.30am! Drinking coffee before going swimming with the 6 month old and wife. Then bootcamp for me. Early afternoon meeting with our nct group and babies for prosecco party (I’ve brought dry white wine instead :slight_smile:) .


Anglos everybody :wave:
Second bed tea and watching MotD
Going to watch a James L Brooks film called How Do You Know and cook a vegetable and paneer curry today. Oh, and go for a run. And get some beers in as a friend is coming over this afternoon.


Anglos. Gonnna do some weeding and will then take the dog for a massive splash about in some marshland and then straight into a pub for a Sunday lunch. Will likely drink myself into decommission thereafter.


In Barrow for a wedding (last night) with my lady. Hotel has been excellent, looking forward to a breakfast. We looked good.

Tried to upload a photo or two at various points, but the wifi is too shite and I’ve got no signal. Soon…




I am pretty good at golf actually but I cba for the commitment of it.
And my boobs are too big and get in the way.