Sunday hello


So tired


“What’s your handicap?”


Breakfast chat:
What is your perfect Sunday breakfast?
What are you actually having/had?

Not sure whether to make burritos or eggs florentine

(sorry Bammers, didn’t mean to direct that just at you!)


The 4yo is nuts this morning, she drew this at breakfast

Then she’s put the Abbey Road CD on and is dancing around the living room to Octopus’s garden, which she’s played on repeat 5 times now


Concoct some kind of eggs florentine burrito perhaps?

I had porridge with misc. dried fruit. Eggs florentine would have been quite nice tbh.


Bacon, avocado, poached egg on toast

Peanut butter on toast


Morning all.

Going to the Makers Market today, so there will be cake. My parents are coming over though, so there will also need to be hoovering.

Not a hell of a lot else planned today.

clicked on @jazzballet’s spoilered out but. :grimacing:


I would love a crack at that! But I don’t want to draw the ridicule of laelfy and japes again :pensive:



up early getting breakfast sandwiches for everyone cos im a top guy (super hungry)

oddly no hangover despite a load of happy hour spritzes and negronis at polpetto and then a couple of bottles of (damn good) chenin blanc at terroir. Yesterday was such a good day in London, reminded me why I love the city so much.

What pub that cat chillin at?



In bed with a cuppa and Art Angels by Grimes on the Bose. Got both sets of parents coming up to visit today. Going out for pub lunch


OCULAR HERPES is the name of my new band

(not really, hope you and your eyes are/will be ok JB)


Was supposed to be at the dump by now but I’m still in bed. Got to go into work to finish (pretty much start) a big presentation I’m giving at work tomorrow, because I put it off for ages and ages and now this is my last chance.

@AcceptanceIII I’ll allow that combo, just. Actually no, the thought is making me quite sick.


howay darlings

gonna have a brek, go for a bike ride, catch train into town, spend too much money on records & books and then and depending on the weather either go watch some :cricket: or to the pub to watch united.


that’s not going to haunt my dreams at all


Sounds like a decent Sunday



the kettle is not in the kitchen so I can’t make any coffee or tea. I really want some coffee


I thought that I’d been subjected to most episodes of Nelly and Nora. I don’t remember this one…


Local dog show today. The kids are insistent that we have to enter Bertie. If I can get a pub lunch out of it I’ll be happy.


Use a saucepan


Amazing skills for a 4yo

I’m sitting at the side for my sons (4yo as well) first proper swimming lesson. He used to do baby/toddler classes but now he’s in the pool without us. Just nailed a length on his first go. Super proud Dad moment.