Sunday is alright


Dreamt that I was shagging Mutya from the Sugababes (!!!) and just as it started getting interesting, the building started to collapse and we had to get the hell out of there. Quite disappointing.

I’m up super early to go to Petra, I’m very excited. Think everyone else has the same idea to get up at sunrise to beat the tourists, so I’m expecting it to be busy anyway.

Was woken at 4am by a call to prayer that was so eerily and hauntingly beautiful, it really shook me. They’ve all been crap so far but this was a banger. Maybe it was a special one cos Ramadan starts tonight? Gonna look into it cos I need to hear it again.

This hostel is grim and I heard more farts last night than I’ve heard in the last few years. Just a load of lads doing a load of farts and not giving a fuck.

The carpet is disgusting, one of the worst things I’ve ever encountered, and I know this because I’ve dropped things behind my bunk bed three times and had to crawl under them to retrieve them. Cockroaches and everything, I nearly balked. Decided to be clever after the third time (fool me once etc) and move all my stuff off the bed, and then my pal dropped her glasses from the top bunk and I had to climb under again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I hope you all have a delightful day of rest and I love you all x


There’s a cockrel outside my window and he’s a total jerk, we get it mate it’s morning, fuck off


Got some very grim hostel stories,well one that happened every night.

May struggle to hear it again as don’t think the Qu’ran is supposed to be recorded as Brian Eno got into trouble for this. (Actually might have been just for setting it to music) (also a banger but it was removed from the album)

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Off to work ain’t I

Booo hissss


Morning to you too

Little bit hungover, but my landlord is coming round in an hour so I’ve got to speed tidy.

(Also morning all etc etc)

Landlord coming round at half 8 Sunday, fuck that.


Excited because its new coffee day (North Star - The Docks FYI coffee wankers)

Eldest burst in at 7 on the dot and declared “My name is Shining Light and I’m here to wake everyone up!”

Morning all


Work in a bit. Not happy about the concept. Going to my parents’ for roast later though so there’s that at least.

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Can’t emphasise how much I hate being a back seat passenger. You have my full sympathy.


and tune in next week to the crazy adventures of kermitwormit, where our hero goes to the safari park! Who’s ever heard of a monkey stealing a bag of sick? Nobody, until now!


Morning all. I’m so tired I’m going to lie on the couch and sleep.

Lying on one of the most uncomfortable sofas in the world and failing to get back to sleep.
Got home from a friend’s 40th at 2 last night and been awake since 6:20.

Not happy like.

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One of the best

I’m in Sweden so it’s 9.30 (but still fuck that)

No plans except rock music tonight. :slight_smile: