Sunday is upon us. sunday funday

have a nibble. sunday. here we go.

Morning gh, what’s up?


I woke up early for some reason, could probably get back to sleep now but I have a bike ride planned in a couple of hours and I won’t make it if I do

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:wave: at work, trying to make it thru. yourself?

In the airport, off to France for tory snowboarding.

Think I just saw Ben Shapiro is a correspondent on sky news now?? :weary:

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Morning! Haven’t slept which may make today a bit arduous. No plans to speak of fortunately. Need to shop for food, maybe have a nap, that sort of thing.

Anglos. Work 9.30-5 as is the Sunday norm. Stayed up far too late and massively cba.

Woke up early! I have to go teach 2 back to back spin classes this morning and I really can’t be arsed. Why do I say yes to these things?

Anglos all

Stayed up too late watching NFL. Wasn’t worth it. At work 12-10 for stocktake. Yay.

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Had about two hours sleep

cry all you want, facts don’t care about your feelings

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Hola! Jimbo woke up far too early so I’ve spent the last hour with him watching Bob the bloody builder on my phone. We’ve just decamped downstairs to think about breakfast, except we don’t have much in.

Anglos everyone.

Just on a bus back to RDG. Decided to check my emails only to discover my new boss thinks she’d like a catch up smack bang in the middle of the day I’d intended to work from home, tomorrow. Think I’m gonna play this one with an early response tomorrow morning suggesting she’d rather see me on Tuesday, coupled with an explanation of all the catching up I’ve already got to do.

Going to try and stay up as long as possible today. First job when we get home, will be to pick up Winifred Purckle :cat2: :heart_eyes:



Going to ride my bicycle for the first time this year as I think I have it fully functioning again at last.

Other than that… not much.


I had a full night’s sleep for the first time in about two months! I feel weird.

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i had the most insane dreams all night long

:bike: riding
:coffee: drinking
:bread: making
:open_book: reading
:sleeping: napping




Can’t be fucked with the first but I said I’d lead.


Had a gym class booked for this morning but think I’m going to cancel in favour of sitting in bed with a pot of coffee and a paper. Feel so tired. Homemade pizzas later :star_struck: