Sunday, it’s early


I’m at Reykjavik Keflavik airport and my body doesn’t have a fucking clue what is going on. It’s 4:09am but despite having passed out with ambien on my flight (and eaten pizza in a daze I’d smuggled aboard) I’m freaking starving. Looking forward to being back in a bed, in Hamsterjam not so much.

What you got planned for the day? Hope you’re not up as early as me.


Just had to go and tell my neighbours to turn their music down and cant get back to sleep -_-

Not tons of good food at keflavik is there.


Ergh that sucks, double annoyance

Not really. If I ate meat there’s a cooked breakfast. I just got a cheese and egg sandwich and some OJ. Probably cost me a million euros, not even going to bother to check.


I’m staying up late for the hell of it, drinking beer, playing Sims 2.

Spent basically all of yesterday filling out a job application form, pretty much had to write 1,000 words. Took fucking forever and I’m not going to get a response anyway, turns out it’s way more IT based than I thought.


This is me in my jacuzzi


Looks like you’re pretty IT compentent to me


Hello :wave:

Hopefully your connection isn’t too long to wait?

Just found out the half marathon event I was meant to be doing today has been cancelled because of the snow :sob:

Dunno what to do today now :man_shrugging:


What are we on now - Winter IV?


Nope, I’ve boarded already and am ready to snooze again :slight_smile:

That sucks!!! Treat yourself to something nice instead to make up for all that training.


I hope there was an instance where Kvelertak were at Reykjavik Keflavik.

GP why are you there.


18km trail run this morning, longest I’ve run in months. Popped my head into a vinyl fair but there wasn’t anything great, went to the vege market, came home and chilled out. Not a bad day. Eating a vegan stew with barley and grilled peppers and mushroom, pretty tasty.


Morning all. Been so tired all week so went to bed at 10, though could have been asleep by 8pm if I’d wanted. Up with the youngest at 6 and she’s playing while I chill.

We have house tidying to do today. Not into it.


Morning! It’s pretty snowy!

Gonna brave it and go for a run then taking the kids to see this:

@Matt_was_taken That’s frustrating about the half marathon, is there anything else coming up soon you could sign up for?


No idea why but woke up about an hour ago and now my brain won’t let me get back to sleep as it’s decided to become overwhelmed with thoughts about packing and moving house stuff. Could get up and do some packing, but that’s a very far-fetched solution.


Not really :frowning:
That’s what was good about this one… it fit in around other plans… kept me running/training over winter.
Now is cycling season (or it should be anyway) :expressionless:
Ah well.


Hmmm yeah won’t even insult your collective intelligence by pretending I’ve just woken up. Still woefully lonely, hold my hand.
There’s also an instagram video of me dancing alone rather boisterously at a Nu Metal night, which to be frank, the neckbeards deserved me ruining.


3 year old woke me up at 5:30. Cheers mate!!11!




The Wigan one?


The fam were supposed to be over for our birthday lunch today but all roads are closed. Grrrr

Garden is snowy… Again