Sunday, it's Sunday, put your hands in the air

I’m on my way to Milano :sparkles:

I just bought two hash browns from McDs and they were too salty to eat?! Never had to throw away a hash brown in my life. Genuinely a bit rattled.

What are you up to?


Sup :it: bro

Gallery and museum day ahead, maybe Tunisian food for dinner, and more gelato cos I’ve slacked the last few days



Up and watching Match Of the day

Going to go for a walk, b and q, bit of work, afternoon nap, finish Ozark.

Off to work in a moment. Yay

I’m already at work :pensive:

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Woken up with major, major sniffles.

Up. Got swimming with the og bairn then got cake for nephew’s birthday later.

Might try to squeeze in a run once the weans are in bed. Also i have bonus work to do so might start that.


Dog got me out of bed early

Watching match of the day with a cup of tea.

Not much planned. Might take the dog somewhere nice for a walk although it’s raining at the moment.

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Sorry about your hash browns



Junior ParkRun shortly, then meeting some pals for pizza for lunch after that. It’s a bit of a mini heatwave right now, so I might suggest a post pizza beer on the beach and see where it lands

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gonna mow the lawn

need to set up a joint account too, things are getting serious

Lot of respect for the dog for getting me out of bed before 7.30 on a Sunday, going downstairs to demand his breakfast, goes out for a wee, comes back in and goes back to bed.

Never any doubt as to which one of us is in charge.


Stayed out past my bedtime last night (got home at 10.30) cause we were at a charity quiz night (won, obviously) so having a good lie in then got some chores to do and a roast dinner to make. Pretty textbook Sunday.


The solo parenting weekend continues with my absolute least favourite thing - taking the 8yo to her ballet class in the posh part of town and sitting for an hour with the Moncler Gillet-wearing, Porsche Macan-driving Täby mums

Morning all!

So far:
Lie in
Toast and chocolate spread

Future plans are full of not sure but we’re having some kind of broccoli pasta dish tonight.

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Coming up to lahndahn for the week. Gonna visit one atd and then off to my other atd’s to stay, they’re putting me up for like 5 days and won’t take any money so I dunno how to repay them :weary:

Been waking up at 6:30 lately. Did some reading and then did about an hour and a half of work that I didn’t do on Friday because I felt sick. I’d like to see the Sunday Scaries try me now because I am cool as a cucumber.

Now having cat cuddles and breakfast before going on a walk somewhere nice and sunny. Got an essay to plan later for my final coursework but kinda looking forward to getting that done.

Also had a maccies breakfast (egg and cheese mcmuff with an additional egg (from my partners mcmuff) and hash brown inside, plus 2 more hashy b’s on the side)

Very hungover. Hit the cafe patron hard yesterday



Oh yeah, 3 changes of bedsheets in the past 6hrs. All thanks to a sick bug (2 on my daughter’s bed and one of ours when she was sick on it this morning). Cheers.