Sunday Lunch Thread November 24th 2019 sponsored by cheddar cheese, the cheese you can rely on!

Hello friends.
Where bounce you eating now, huns?
What delicious dishes willy you be dining on?

I am on the train back from Bristol. I have a ferocious craving for macaroni cheese but I’ve injured my foot so I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand up in the kitchen for very long.
Tempted to be lazy and order a take away but I’ve probably spent too much money this weekend already :thinking:

What are your opinions on garlic bread?

  • Baguette
  • Flatbread

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:pizza::spaghetti::pizza::spaghetti::pizza::spaghetti::pizza::spaghetti::pizza::spaghetti::pizza::spaghetti::pizza::spaghetti: :takeout_box: :curry:?

  • Take away, treat yourself! You deserve it you sweet, lovely gnome
  • You do make a banging mac and cheese, you sexy thing. Make the effort!

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I just had a saag tofu thing (from a packet as totally CBA) was pretty tasty. And has satiated my hankering for a full blown curry order this eve.

Got some gado gado out the freezer for tea.

What’s gado gado?

Lunching at sainos cafe. 20 minute wait for heating paninis! Fuming.

Gonna make a (fake) steak and ale pie later to go with roast pots, 'snips, 'rots, sprouts and etc.

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My foster mum (I’m staying with my friend’s mum while I try and find a place- she is an angel) just brought me a fry-up and a cup of tea and I almost cried.

As such, I will not be eating lunch, and maybe not even dinner.

Gnome, get yourself a takeaway

I just realised it’s 13:30 so I guess it was lunch wasn’t it.



Its an Indonesian potato satay dish.

Theres a recipe in Dis favourite, the green roasting tin

Oooh that sounds great! I’m going to have to investigate this further.

I the have the book about 2 steps away ad can photo the recipe if you like?

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a veritable smorgasbord of delectable edibles!

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Fish finger sandwiches. Although I’ve had to nip out in the middle of making them to buy some hair bleach.

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Yes please, that’s very kind of you! :blush:

Had two slices of toast earlier but now I am huuuunnngggrrry. Nothing in at the moment. Might end up being a KFC or something - I eat an awfy lot of shite at the weekend.

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(going to a big family feast so I’m not quite sure what i will be eating, all i know is There Will Be Food)

Alright wee gnome. Having falafel tacos for dinner I think with all the trimmings - pico de gallo, avo, white cabbage, hummus and lashings of chilli sauce :hot_pepper: :taco:

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece was a very different film at first draft.

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Usually make more dressing and add additional veg.


Oh my goodness

I made some amazing cabbage the other day, just fried with ‘butter’ and a small amount of thick gravy.