Sunday Lunch

I’ve got some garlic sautèing in butter on the stove; my kitchen smells delicious.

We’re having roast gammon with roast potatoes and parsnips, cauliflower cheese (with leeks and brocolli), runner beans, Yorkshire Puddings and gravy.

What are you eating today, friends?
Do you call it Sunday lunch or Sunday dinner?

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Lunch, because it’s eaten at lunch time.

For actual dinner I’ll be having slow cooked pork shoulder with avocado and mango salad.

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Dinner if its a bigger meal served a bit later, lunch if not.

Dunno yet.

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The @Gnometorious P.I.G.


We had leftover butternut squash molè and roast potatoes. It was excellent. I followed it with a banana Crunch Corner yogurt, a Wagon Wheel, a Gold Bar and a coffee.


Chicken satay lettuce wraps for lunch

Roast chicken or less likely beef for dinner

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I was just looking to see if this thread was up yet! Got roast potatoes cooking currently in some duck fat, and I’m about to cook some lamb rump steaks, green beans, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. I reckon pre-3pm = lunch, anything after is dinner (this rule only applies to your main meal on a Sunday)

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Leftover butternut and lentil bake. Cup of tea.

Prob do something exciting for dinner.

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sainos asparagus soup and two bits of toast

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I ddunno, I feel like if I have a big meal before 3 that’s my Sunday lunch or dinner and if I have a toastie or some bread and butter in the evening that’s my tea.

I hope that’s not ALL you’re having. Bit boring for the day of Sun.

That becomes lunch and tea. If you have a small thing first then your main Sunday meal in the evening, it’s lunch and dinner. Probably.

Sounds about right :blush:

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fuck you, gnome!


Just got to check that everybody’s using the only sensible method to prepare a pack of green beans.
With the bag still sealed, shuffle all the beans together so the stalky bits are lined up, then cut across the ends through the bag with a bread knife, trimming the beans and providing a ready-made pouch of all the ends ready to throw out/recycle. Madness to do it any other way.

yes, confirmed this is how I do it

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Nah. It’s breakfast, (brunch), lunch, dinner. Tea and supper for referring to meals based on day of the week or temperature or phase of the moon can fuck off into the sun for being needlessly confusing.

If anyone’s thinking of linking to some no-mark on Twitter’s Medium article about how these words are class signifiers and trying to enforce my system is classist should know that I’m not going to read it, because I’m 100% correct and take this VERY seriously.

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Welcome to the boards!

While @Gnometorious was being rude to people on here, i marinated ome chicken breasts in oil, acid, salt and some creole seasoning I’d boshed together a while back. Cooked that chick right up, then scraped the juices into the leeks and built up a delicious deep rich cheese sauce and as you’d expect, given my involvement, it’s utterly superb. I went on to slice up the chicken and portion it out for lunches, then licked the juices off the chopping board as well as off the knife I’d used to slice it, a nice sharp sabatier, because I’m well dangerous and used to taking extreme measures.


I would have appreciated this tip at 6pm last night Marty

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