Sunday Lunch

Too ill for the cinema :neutral_face: Gonna have ham and mascarpone pizza and then 4 (four) triple chocco taste the difference cookies :pizza: :cookie: :sneezing_face:


Get well soon jezza

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Hmmm not sure whether to get the prok belleh or the chicken…

Well now you know for next time!

Doesn’t look too great, tastes fucking wonderful.


Gonna go to Tesco and get a tin of beans and sausage and have it on toast with grated cheddar. Yesssss.


My lunch appears to be biscuits

Had a biggish breakfast (refried baked potato and a couple of eggs), might be getting food out this evening and I’m not sure if I should eat something proper in the meantime

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Let us know what you decide!

I prepare mine by leaving them on the shelf in the supermarket and buying a vegetable that is nice to eat instead

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Well. Who knew green beans could provoke such a furious (and wrong) opinion :joy:

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Got a bit carried away and knocked up these mini shepherds pies for lunch.

Roast chicken for tea and all.

(We have lunch and tea in our house, as the word dinner is too confusing)


Little beauties!

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Green beans are great!
What vegetables do you especially like, froglet?

Had cheese on toast and pickled onions. Going to make cottage pie later I think.

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I eat tea everyday FYI.

Tofu scramble with purple sprouting broccoli

Probably need to use your (plant) milk before it curdles, then.

I think you might have wilfully misinterpreted what I meant.

(I’m pretty bored so am engaging)

They look bangin’ been wanting a potato topped pie for ages but we keep not doing that.

Actually, we were meant to make adzuki bean cottage pie last week. Might do that this week.

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Still annoying to use a word that can refer to i) dinner for some fucking reason, ii) a drink that a national identity is built around, or iii) some bullshit posh scone thing for cunts rather than the completely unambiguous “dinner”.