Sunday: march the fourth be with you


why did my alarm go off at 6am on a Sunday?!

anyway, might as well get up now. anglos andetc


still up there cowboy
on about 5 xanax’s and the last of my bad drugs, drinking a stella.
pretty drowsy


Wha? Why are you on this? You really ill? :frowning:

Hi @cowcow another sunny day here in Melbourne. With a brisk wind.


Bladder has woke me up. Feel dreadful, pint of water and back to sleep.


Half to get up soon because some friends are running in the Cambridge half marathon, the selfish pricks.


Gonna be a real day of halves


:shower::bathtub:(:baby:) :grapes::tv::wave::train2: :metro::bento::coffee::cinema:(:pig::small_airplane:) :metro::train2::family_woman_boy::hugs: :bed::books::sleeping_bed:


Most days.

ESPECIALLY weekends. Is this what middle-age is like?


Hungover. Stayed up drinking and watching movies. Saw Thor 3 which was quite fun, and then The Big Sick which I absolutely loved.

Gonna go feed the ducks today I think.


I’m looking to get a haircut, debating on whether or not to let a student stylist do it to save £££? I remember crying in the toilets the last time I got my hair cut because the woman cut off way more than I wanted her to and I was too shy to speak up while she was doing it :unamused:


A water main burst yesterday near me so the water pressure is even weaker than usual. Cold trickles out but no hot at all. Ummmm. My upstairs neighbours are struggling a bit so i’ll fill up a few saucepans if they want them. Should be a fun day. Think I’ll just watch a load of films and read loads of book.


Morning all!

I’ve been up with The Child since half six. This is what middle age is like.

I’ve got a class to prepare for tomorrow and I’m taking Wor Lass out for food.


My brain read this initially as “a class war to prepare for” :fist:


Spring’s suddenly arrived here. Sun’s out, blue skies and all the snow has melted.

Probably just gonna spend all day indoors playing music though. Maybe with a little bit of Zelda and cooking a bit of nice food too.


You took 5 xanax at once over the night or all at once?

I find one makes me fall asleep immediately.


The missus is away with friends. Kids have been good but think we’ll go to soft play this morning to let them blow off some steam. Hoping this afternoon they’ll chill out in front of a film or something


Still in bed. Would like some coffee but cba with moving.


morning. I’m still trying to get to majorca.

currently in madrid.


Waiting for Breakfast. Might have a stroll along the seafront then over to me ma’s for birthday dinner later


First two letters are correct, you’re getting there.