Sunday: march the fourth be with you


I’m at Finny P railway station, waiting for a train. Lol, what else you doughnut?

Things are looking up as the coffee kiosk is about to open


Really don’t want to leave the house today.


Hb richy biscuit!


Nah, should’ve written that better. Not my birthday. Me ma’s birthday


Oh ok :ok_hand:

Give my mum your best x




Update: i’m out of bed and drinking coffee. :coffee: Thanks for your support in this matter.


Up, tea and toast.

@guntrip yes, but also at about two in the morning, particularly if you have a had a drink after eight the night before.


Also watched Thor Ragnarok last night. Had to keep getting the kids to explain the back story, enjoyable although I still don’t know what Ragnarok is.

Then we watched Veronica, some Spanish horror thing on Netflix. Was OK, not exactly the most scary thing ever as has been reported.


Just got up. Going to whack some pork carnitas in the slow cooker then make the most of being able to go for a walk without the potential slipping and dying element. That’s as far as my Sunday activity will go.


so good :blush:


spied some muffins I bought yesterday

muffin breakfast m8


One of my favourite things to make at the moment. Cba doing much with it today so might just pile it on some chips and stick it under the grill for a minute once it’s cooked.


got to bed at a kind of sensible time last night. no idea what I’m supposed to do with this relatively early start apart from listen to slow burning folky music in bed.

maybe I’ll just read or try and do music stuff.

look at this, btw. I did a weird phone thing somehow.


could make some pretty bangin nachos


Still in bed, having cuddles :slight_smile:

Not sure what’s in store for today, yesterday all I did was sleep and get my hair done and have a nap, today might be similar on the napping front


Whereabouts in Majorca you heading to japes?


also cause it’s foggy


Just lied to my father to get out of going to my cousin’s wedding. Sorry father, sorry cousin Stu.

Probably will go to Skye that weekend though.


A full day of National 4 English; not far wrong.