Sunday Meandering

Morning all!

Wor Lass is ill so I’ve forgone my lie in to be up with The Child.

Hopefully just hanging around the house today, possibly with grocery shopping. She’s meant to be out for a meal tonight so I might be lone parenting too don’t really want to cook and don’t really want a takeaway but that’s for the Dinner thread

Enjoy your days x

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Off to that London to see a pal I’ve not really seen since uni, except for one time I walked past her desk at the company we both worked at for several years and said the most awkward hello imaginable, who I reconnected with last year.

I’m oddly nervous. Could just be the A(1)M jitters tbf.


Morning lovelies

Up since 5.30 with the pooch. Can’t grumble though as I got to watch rest of This Way Up and most of series 1 of Starstruck in complete peace

Hope you get something excellent to eat @keith

Have a great time @Epimer you’ll be right Love a reconnect…

Me? Dog walk, work, Sunday roast, sleep.

Morning DiS.
Can’t work out what to do the day. Lots i need to do, lots i want to do, very little overlap in that particular venn diagram.


  • walk the dogs
  • do a run
  • kids want french toast for breakfast
  • prep brisket for slow cooker
  • tackle ironing mountain
  • get work prep done for tomorrow
  • one kid has a party to go to, one has footie training


  • stay in bed.
  • go to the coast and generally kick around doing nowt.


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I am concerned about the hugging etiquette

Alright. Wife has taken eldest swimming this morning. I’m looking after a babby that’s full of a cold and feeling very sorry for himself. Off to work for 10am until 6.30pm. how boring

Hiding in the kitchen eating a yoghurt while the kids play some screaming/fighting game. The cat is living their best life interacting with others like I dream to do.


tennis pal cancelled cos he’s hungover
bit disappointed tbh, i still showed up for a beating when i was hanging last week

gonna cycle to the park and take some photos of flowers or something maybe

Feeling a bit sheepish as i got invited to a gig last-minute said id go, but then fell asleep and missed it (had had 6 pints tbf)

Veg box didnt come yesterday so need to decide which vegetables i want a go try them. Last weekend of Apple tv so probably try binge a bit of the morning show or try something else as im not enjoying it that much

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Feeling rough. Was feeling a bit better earlier, when the dog woke me at 5am, but now I’m circling the drain. Covid is no joke troops, jesus. I want sympathy, not more symptoms damn it.

Just on the couch as the youngest spends her time running around A Short Hike. My eldest is watching Disney on her Fire. I’m fully in autopilot.

@xylo we start Luigi. Turns out it’s so much sillier and funnier than o was expecting, but we’re not even out of the tutorial. Struggling with the sucking ghosts up and the right stick, I blame covid.

Done the dishes and need to pop on some laundry as well.

Hey everyone

Just having a lazy coffee and records morning. Expecting to have to actually work for a living next week which i am not at all used to

Have a pub date this afternoon, but time isn’t confirmed yet which makes me expect flakiness, my biggest enemy RN

Wearing a mask will give strong please no hug vibes. Also, she knows you right??

Just had a moment where I’d completely disassociated Batman films and The Dark Knight films from each other, forgetting that they’re the same things.

Stick with Luigi, it’s so much fun. Tempted to redo it.



Went to bed at 3am so of course I’m up already! I did fall asleep on the sofa about an hour before that though so I don’t feel too tired. Had an amazing local Indian last night and looking forward to the leftovers for breakfast.

Going to cook a roast dinner later. Maybe go for a walk.

Lead with a fist bump

Would be quite funny of they made a film that brought them all together.

Hungover (again!). Nice family hen do though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Glad I now have nothing on til the wedding so can not drink for a month or so.


Loads of trees got wrecked by eunice