Sunday Megawinners

I’ve just taken some butter out of the fridge so I can have toast in the morning.

I think this qualifies me as a ‘megawinner’.

Please, tell me of your megawinning plans.


Think you’ve megawon with that!
I plan a little music, a little writing and a lot of coffee.

My ‘butter’ has remained ‘fridged’ and have minimal ‘milk’ left megaloser.

Gonna watch replay of the curling think

Put my sourdough in the freezer before it goes mouldy as I have a surplus of already open bread products


No real plans for the day but going to see that awful Marry me film later for some so bad it’s entertaining fun with friends.

Up far too early. Might nip outside to watch the football violence before settling in front of the tele for the day

About to get on a boat. In 50mph winds :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

I’m not up to day five yet, but I am feeling better than a couple of days ago, so I thought I’d do another LFT to see how it looks. Silly idea - the line is so dark it’s almost black. I guess I’m still quite I’ll then


Woken up with a banging headache, probably all that shit London air from yesterday.

Got my porridge on the go for breakfast.

Going to the football this afternoon. Weather is shit and supposed to get even worse as the afternoon goes on, so travel to and from might be a pain in the arse but that just adds to the fun, doesn’t it?


I’m going to make myself a bacon sandwich


To bed far too late. Up far too early. Off to my parents for tea. Cba with owt else

Morning all,

I slept poorly and I’m not feeling rested.

I’m making NA beef bourguignon for tea tonight (definite win) and I’m going to see Sons of Kemet (although I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Eunice or (Fredo?) gets in the way).

I’ve got to do some work for tomorrow but it’s minor bits, and I would like to find a way into the Crew Quarters in Prey but neither of those are vital.


Jumpers for goalposts etc.

I plan to be pampered as it is my birthday

I’ll probably be ignored

But so far I have spent the first two hours of my Sunday listening to Simon & Garfunkel and Rotary Connection so that’s been pretty blissfull


I though Marry Me was alright, lots of bops and J Lo is very enjoyable! Owen Wilson a bit of a non-presence.

Been swimming and had a big stack of pancakes for breakfast. Now getting the shopping list together and heading to Sains early doors. Productive Sunday.

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10km run going past the house, so going out to give them a clap

Happy Birthday you lovely champ! Think Sunday is a good birthday day.

Hope you have a lovely day with nice things. X


Cheers Slicky

And can I just say that over the near 20 years that I’ve been on this site you’ve been a permanent positive force and all time favourite :heart: Love you :heart:

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Happy Birthday :partying_face::tada::pizza::birthday:

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The thought of Sunday Brunch makes it harder to get out of bed on a Sunday. Even if I don’t watch it, just knowing it’s happening.

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HB, BITT! :birthday: :partying_face:

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