Sunday morning 15th Dec

Been awake since 3 with jet lag.

Still just consumed with anger, hatred, fear and despair since Friday. Can’t get any enthusiasm for being here now.

Still not bought any presents for my wife. No idea what to buy her.

Fuck this frankly.

Alright Theo. Been awake since 2.30. baby has been sick over herself twice in the night. So 2 baths, 2 changes of clothes, 2 bed changes. Haven’t slept since. 10hr day at work now. Yay


off for a bike ride to a nice cafe in the depths of kent

headwind on the way out, tailwind back :ok_hand:


Oh fuck, those are the worst kind of nights :grimacing:

Hope you manage to get a desk nap or something at least today.

Yeah, was pretty bad. Everything smells like sick now as well, even though I know it doesn’t really.


Stayed up too late reading a not-so-short shirt story, so if course then R decides to have a rare night of disturbed sleep and his nightlight needed charging so I couldn’t put it on long mode so had to keep getting up whenever it turned off to put it back on.

Double LME meet later though! :partying_face:

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I know that feeling, hard to shake that smell even when you have done everything to get rid of it.

I’ve woken up in not my own bed. Still music playing. Oh no.


M was sick twice too :fist: just as she got in my bed :grimacing:

Hope work goes quickly x

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Scared myself reading a book about ghost kids, ffs, what was I thinking. Of course that’s ruined my life now and I’ll never not imagine them.


I’m gonna need a bigger sleep.


here you go


oh wait… SLEEP


Just up. Watching a wee bit of telly from the week ‘First Dates’.

Nothing planned today apart from watching football at 12.

Feel very unprepared for Christmas. Still not told the TV what I want because I can’t think of anything I need/want which must be really annoying and stressful for her.

I am awake. I do not want to be awake.

Going ‘ice skating’ in a local park later. I cannot ice skate. It’s a complete mystery to me how people manage it. I’m either going to have to cling to the side and not move, or just cut to the chase and sit down in the middle of the ice.


Deleted my twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Anyone wanting me should DM me for my mobile no. Cheers.


Better grab one of these guys if they have them or similar



Little bit hungover today, but plans are limited so I think I’ll survive. Pub lunch later, then freebies for a kids show at Brighton Dome this afternoon.

Lay in bed watching season 3 of atypical on Netflix. Exactly what travelling is about :sunglasses:


The lad on the right is my best mate.

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The wee one just coughed up his Weetabix. It’s a plague.