Sunday morning 15th Dec

We did the whole skating thing earlier this week. Except it was pissing down with rain too. Jimbo had no fear, of falling or getting wet, so I had to remember how to ice skate pretty quickly. I think last time I went was about five years ago outside the pavilion too, when my other half sat it out but didn’t tell people why (which was because she was pregnant with Jimbo)


Up and working, same as every other day this month. Last day not working was 1st December and I’ve done over 125 hours this month so far :cold_sweat:

welcome back to RFI teho.


Still in bed and don’t want to get up. Got a gym session but it’s leg day and my glutes and hamstrings are really tight so I can tell that’s going to go well. Got fake Christmas Day with the family later, gonna eat all the pigs in blankets.


This is quite an extreme amount of hours!

Me and the boy are listening to Yo La Tengo this morning, waiting for my wife to finish work.

Solidarity with those that spent the night attending to unwell children. Our own slept through the entire night for the first time in months!


Spent 22 pounds on a kebab and a pizza last night then fell asleep and didn’t wake up when they rang. Fantastic.


Going Christmas shopping in Bath.

Theo, get your wife some boots or a necklace. Carrie Elizabeth has good stuff!!

Sunday of Joy today traditionally. Hard to feel it though isn’t it.

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Kid vomited all over the floor at school the other day, my sleeves smelt of sick aaaalll day after the clean up. :face_vomiting:


Hungover? More like hungunder amirite? Gonna take a while to shift this one.

Wedding was alrate considering the venue. Night ruined by some guy spouting off about Tommy Robinson on the tube and asking everyone how they voted, trying to get a rise out of people. Fair play to him it worked cos I called him a Tory cunt but in my defence he was a massive Tory cunt. My wife then was upset with me cos I emboldened him and we had an argument and most importantly missed out on a kebab so fuck that Tory cunt.


Reckon the boy has got the proper flu. He was supposed to get the spray on Friday but was off ill. So bloody late.

My hands and feet are covered in blisters and a few around my mouth from the hand, foot and mouth he had just over a week ago.

Trapped in the house again.

Love this time of year.

Not hungover enough to think eating these is a good idea.


I’ll have them :raising_hand_woman:


He does make exceedingly brand neutral cakes.



Lads, we’re in the alternative timeline. Subtle clues that things have been changed


Did you get a plane to Lundun instead on London?


Nah man, Onstagrame has had photos of stuff like this for ages. It was all over Riddet.

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Morning Theo and friends, sorry you’re feeling crappy, right there with you x

  • Go out to Local Indian
  • Stay in and cook

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So tired

F just said, “For the hell of sake” in exasperation