Sunday morning brings the dawn in (and becomes afternoon and evening later)


Please provide me with details of your lives.

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Good morning, still in my bed contemplating breakfast. Will probably just have porridge with jam. There is an exhibition about trees that i want to visit but have to be at work at 3 so cba

You sure? At work, bored, listening to the penguin cafe orchestra and waiting for 4.30 to roll round. How frigging boring.

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Hello there

Enjoying this weekend because a) feels like it’s almost spring proper and b) I’ve had plenty of time to mill about and treat it like a weekend where normally I’m working or doing something I booked in months ago.

Currently: Coffee and a book I picked up on recommendation from the excellent writers thread. Treated myself to a new turntable yesterday so going to get some records on when my GF wakes up.

Next: a run, then pub lunch

Later: DREAD

Off to work in a minute :frowning: only another 10 days till 9 off though.

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Kermy did you know that Japes designed my flag thing in my avatar to represent cream then jam on a scone, thus proving forever that it’s right?


The bit in the middle is a pasty, surrounding a funky house.


I’ve been lone parenting for two days now. Wor Lass seems unlikely to be out of hospital before Wednesday and I’m starting to feel some severe dread about this week.

I’ve arranged her an extra nursery day tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about entertaining her but all of the domestic stuff plus work responsibilities is resting heavily on me.


Enjoyed seeing Galaxy Quest in cinema last night and Mark Kermode was good

Had a big meltdown already. My breakdown into a non-functioning gelatinous blob continues a pace.

Morning. Got a :field_hockey: cup match which is annoyingly going to take up most of the day. Going to have some beans on toast first and then gym and dinner at the parents later if I can fit it in.

Sorry things are so full on at the minute. If there’s any practical support that I/we can help with then please do just ask.


Just taken a load of washing out of the dryer and the socks matched up exactly. That never happens, does it?

I’m taking it as an omen that today is going to be a good day.


Yous two are idiots

Send the child to the quiz tomorrow night and have a night off

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Happy International Women’s day, everyone!


Oh go and fall in a cesspit.

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:sob::sob: :sob:

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