Sunday morning brings the dawn in

Yeah, it’s bad, unlike yourself

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Morning everyone. Still sounds grim out there but I’m gonna attempt a run anyway. Hopefully I’ll feel more energetic and do better than the one I tried on Friday.

That sounds rubbish @wileycat, is it a covid based cancellation or something else?

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Morning! Got to do all the work I have not done this week today plus watch more Queens Gambit.

@wileycat could they work around, surely heating can be deemed as essential?


My wife finished Queen’s Gambit yesterday. I caught a few eps. It’s pretty alright.

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Yeah I had a boiler fitted in lockdown mk1

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Makes me want to get a short short fringe.

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Morning all!

I’m hoping to go to the gym soon. I need to go to the shop on the way back because we’ve run out of shower gel and shampoo.

We’re apparently going out for lunch with Wor Lass’s friends but nobody is sure if it’s happening yet.

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Making a batch of pasta sauce for kiddo, then dashing to the shops when they open for a couple of ingredients for a slow cooker beef casserole. Pretty grot outside today

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Looking out of the window, and hoping to persuade the dogs to:

A) take themselves for a walk this morning; and
B) pick me up a cheese and onion pastie while their at it.


Back at work tonight. Urgh.



Guys I’m really tired guys.


:coffee: and :tv:

Alright Blur


:coffee: and :tv:


Woken up fuming that new lockdown means the golf course is gonna be shut!! This means my weekend 10+ hours of me time is over for a whole month. Fuck you Boris!

Going out today for an eye test today and some brunch.


Going to go for a tiny tiny ride on my mtb which hopefully won’t totally wreck me.


Last day before I’m back at work. I’ve had coffee and cake already but I just can’t seem to get going

I’m a bit fuzzy this morning and about to have my online PT :nauseated_face:

Good Sunday Anglos, dis

Going to make a second pot of tea. I’m feeling pretty wild this morning let me tell you

I’ve already had two toast (x1 marmite; x1 marmalade)

(How very
of me)

I should probably go for a nice walk or something